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Time Capsule To Be Buried Thursday

By Staff | Jul 15, 2008

The time has come. After months of planning, the 2008 Palo Alto County Sesquicentennial has been celebrated, and is now fodder for the history books. History will certainly be captured for posterity when the time capsule is reburied at the Palo Alto Courthouse Square in Emmetsburg on Thursday, July 17, at 6 p.m.

A brand new time capsule container, holding souvenirs of the 2008 celebration, will be buried in the same location as the 1958 time capsule, in the northwest corner of Courthouse Square. The Centennial time capsule was unearthed on June 5, and was the first official event to kick off the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

According to Emmetsburg Mayor John Schad, the new time capsule has a better seal than the 1958 time capsule. It is hoped that the newer capsule will better preserve its historical contents.

“We’re planning on sealing everything in separate Ziploc plastic baggies,” Schad explained.

Among the items to be included in the 2008 time capsule will be a message from the present-day mayor, a bottle of brandy (a gift to the 2058 Emmetsburg mayor from the 2008 mayor), “The Reporter” and “The Democrat” newspapers containing coverage of the Sesquicentennial events, a copy of U.S. President George W. Bush’s letter, a cell phone, copies of DVDs featuring footage from the 1958 Centennial and 2008 Sesquicentennial celebrations, and other items.