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Palo Alto County Fair Demo Derby Signups Now Being Accepted

By Staff | Jul 10, 2008

One of most entertaining and popular forms of individual combat that provides maximum action will once again cap off the 2008 edition of the Palo Alto County Fair. The annual Demolition Derby of the Palo Alto County Fair is slated for Sunday evening, July 27, at 7:00 p.m. on the fairgrounds in Emmetsburg. The demolition derby will feature a $1,000 purse, with a $300 top prize to the overall winner. A Powder Puff event will also be held, with $100 going to the winner of the ladies-only event.

Pre-registration for contestants of the demolition derby is now underway, with few changes from last year’s rules and regulations. The pre-registration period for this year’s event will end on Friday, July 18. Entries may register the evening of the event at the fairgrounds.

Rules for the event will be similar to those in past years. The event is open to any full-bodied American made auto, with the exception of Chrysler Imperials. No pickups or foreign built cars will be allowed. All drivers must have a valid drivers’ license in order to compete and no one under the age of 16 will be allowed in the pit area. Drivers under the age of 18 must have the signed permission of a parent or adult legal guardian prior to the competition in order to participate.

For safety purposes, the gas tank and battery must be relocated from their original stock positions and moved into the passenger compartment. The vehicle battery must be covered with material suitable to contain any spilled battery acid, and must have a minimum thickness of 1/8th inch. Transmission coolers may be relocated, but the vehicle radiator must remain in the stock manufacturers’ position in the vehicle.

No reinforcement or extra bracing of the vehicle frame will be allowed. No trailer hitches will be allowed and sand may not be poured into doors.

Seat belts are mandatory and must be worn at all times. Each driver must wear an approved SNELL or DOT rated crash helmet.

Drivers must remain safety belted in their cars at all times during the competition and leave helmets on, unless directed otherwise by the judges, such as in the case of a fire.

All cars will be inspected for safety and adherence to the rules of the event and the decisions of the officials will be final.

Other normal demolition derby rules will be in effect, such as the required removal of all glass, welding or chaining shut of all doors, hoods and trunk lids, no use of any rear-view mirrors, and no structural reinforcement or reinforcement of any type, including trailer hitches. The top three finishers in the feature event will be re-inspected at the conclusion of the event.

Key rules for the competition include the primary rule that the back end of the car must be used to hit another car. No hitting of the driver’s door will be allowed. An intentional hit of a driver’s door will be grounds for disqualification.

Each contestant in a heat or feature event must make contact within two minutes. Another rule for the competition requires all four wheels of a vehicle must not leave the boundary area of the competition arena. Finally, all Officials’ decisions on cars and drivers’ etiquette are final.

Entry forms for the 2008 Fair Demolition Derby are now available at the Palo Alto County Extension Office or from Bert Naig by calling (712) 424-3046, or (712) 298-0289. All entry forms should be mailed to the Palo Alto County Fair Board, in care of Devona Perkins, 4664 380th Street, Emmetsburg, IA 50536, and postmarked by July 18.