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By Staff | Jul 10, 2008
All types of aircraft arrived at the Flight Breakfast. -- Dan Voigt photo
Randy and Cheri Hinners watch the final approach of a pancake on Randy’s plate as Randy Janssen,on the right, piloted the cake to a sucessful, three flip landing. -- Dan Voigt photo
Young Devin Morey looks over one of the aircraft that flew in. -- Dan Voigt photo

The Palo Alto County Sesquicentennial was capped off Sunday morning with the annual Flight Breakfast at the Emmetsburg Municipal Airport. Members of the Emmetsburg Kiwanis served over 900 hungry guests with omelettes, sausage, ham, and of course, “Flight Breakfast Flapjacks.” Even though weather concerns kept numbers of aircraft fyling into the event down, the line was long and steady, and airplane rides were a popular offering at the event.