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Emmetsburg Utilities To Change Billing Cycle

By Staff | Jul 8, 2008

Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities (EMU) is in the process of changing the timing of its monthly utility billing.

For years, EMU has read the natural gas and water meters at all of its customers’ accounts on or about the 15th of each month. Effective Aug. 1, meters will be read at the beginning of each month.

According to City Administrator John Bird, changing the billing cycle to a first-of-month through end-of-month cycle will result in more accurate reporting and accounting, as well as some work load efficiencies.

“EMU has always and will continue to purchases gas and pipeline services on a first-of-month through end-of-month basis,” said Bird

“The past practice of reading meter and retailing natural gas locally resulted in distorted reports and cash flows. Additionally, monthly reports submitted to the State and Federal governments by EMU have been distorted as a result of the mismatch caused by the mid-month meter reading cycle.”

Beginning in August, the date by which EMU customers’ must pay their local utility bills will change to the 30th day of the month rather than the 20.

While local officials do not foresee this change causing complications for EMU customers, people with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities at 712-852-2550.