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WB-M Foundation Reaches $850,000 Goal

By Staff | Jul 3, 2008

Editor’s Note: The following article is courtesy of Karen Schwartzkopf, the West Bend Journal and Whittemore Independent.

The West Bend-Mallard communities, alumni, and friends have shown once again and in a very big way how special the area in which we live is, as the West Bend-Mallard Foundation exceeded their goal of $850,000 by transferring $852,953.62 to the West Bend-Mallard Community School District. The amount of funds that will be available to the district will continue to climb as other checks and funds continue to come in and will be used to assist the funding of the 2008-09 school year while the school board continues to work through additional cuts to bring the budget within its limits.

The fund raising campaign was organized by a dedicated group of concerned citizens working through the West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation. On June 12th more than 1500 letters were sent out to alumni and families of the West Bend-Mallard schools thus beginning a campaign to raise the money by June 30th as a means of maintaining a PreK-12 school within the West Bend and Mallard communities.

The West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation’s purpose is to support the West Bend-Mallard Schools and their students. In the past this organization has been primarily a source for scholarships, but in this recent financial crisis the foundation was the conduit for the funds as the district works through the ongoing budget challenge.

Donations can continue to be sent to the West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation in care of the West Bend Mallard School office. Members of the foundation are Don Banwart, Don Capotosto, Karen Sewell, Glenda Carpenter, and Nancy Umsted, WB-M School Board Representative to the foundation.