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New Member Appointed To Iowa Lakes Board

By Staff | Jul 3, 2008

SPENCER – Iowa Lakes Community College has a new member of the Board of Trustees following a meeting in Spencer on June 24.

Pat Kibbie of Emmetsburg was appointed to the position of Trustee for District 6 by the Trustees. Following the appointment, Kibbie was given the oath of office by Clark Marshall, secretary to the Board. Kibbie will complete the term of John Hand, who retired last month from the board. Kibbie will serve through September, at which time he will need to be officially elected to the position.

In other business, the college has officially approved salary increases for the 2008-2009 college year.

The total package for the raises is set at 5 percent for faculty with 2.98 percent dedicated to salary and 2.02 percent dedicated to benefits. The supplemental money received last year from the legislature will be included for the purposes of calculating next year’s salary. The faculty will also receive a $500 salary increase. Staff members will receive a 5.25 percent total package increase, with just shy of 3.25 percent devoted to salary and the remainder going to benefits. Administrators who are cabinet members will receive a 5 percent total package increase. Deductibles will be increased for both individuals and families.

The Iowa Lakes Report featured the Small Business Development Center. Kelly McCarty, director of the Northwest Iowa Small Business Development Center based at the Spencer campus of Iowa Lakes, gave a brief history of the SBDC and its current status, especially now with the disasters in Eastern Iowa and how the SBDC is working to assist businesses in the state deal with the disruption of their services. McCarty is part of the Iowa Small Business Development Centers, an outreach unit of Iowa State University’s College of Business. The Iowa SBDC partners with the State of Iowa’s Board of Regents institutions and nine community colleges.

Two years ago, McCarty was named the 2006 Iowa “State Star” by the national Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC). He is responsible for providing services to ten northwest Iowa counties.

The Trustees also approved a change order to the new wrestling facility at the Estherville campus. It involved increasing the depth of the concrete floor, lowering the building height and increasing the roof pitch along with other small changes amounting to a reduction in the cost of the facility by more than $20,000. Dirt is currently being moved and concrete was poured for the footings, according to Delaine Hiney, Executive Director of Facilities Management.

While speaking with the Trustees, Hiney also covered the Iowa Smokefree Air Act which included some re-wording in the Board Policy. Since 1994, Iowa Lakes has been tobacco free in facilities and vehicles. The policy has been expanded to cover grounds and parking lots. The first reading will be approved along with the second reading of the policy change at the July meeting of the Trustees. College staff members are currently placing appropriate signage at all property and door entrances.

The college has new legal counsel, following the death of Harold White. Scot Bauermeister of the Fitzgibbons Law Firm was appointed by the Trustees. The Trustees also approved the Board Election Transition Plan and the proposed resolution for sale of Industrial New Jobs Training Certificates for five area companies.