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CDBG Survey To Begin

By Staff | Jun 10, 2008

Plans to improve Emmetsburg’s wastewater treatment plant are in the works. These pending improvements are mandated by the federal government’s Clean Water Act.

To help finance these pending improvements, Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities will be submitting an application for Community Development Block Grant funding.

“To be eligible to receive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, the City must conduct a random, city-wide household income survey,” said John Bird, Emmetsburg City Administrator. “Approximately one out of every five households will be surveyed.”

Kristin Kathman, a student at Iowa Lakes Community College, will conduct this random telephone survey for Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities (EMU). The first calls to Emmetsburg residents will be made Wednesday, June 11.

The survey will include a brief explanation of the project and the following questions:

“EMU plans to apply for a grant to help finance improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment facilities. Do you feel this is an important project that EMU should undertake?” Answer yes or no.

“How many people (regardless of age) live in your household?”

“Is your household income above or below…” and Kristin will give information from a household income table:

One person – $30,050; Two persons – $34,300; Three persons – $38,600; Four persons – $42,900; Five persons – $46,350; Six persons – $49,750; Seven persons – $53,200; Eight or more persons – $56,650.

“In order to be eligible to receive CDBG funding, more than 50-percent of the households surveyed must be below the low to moderate income guidelines established by the state and federal governments,” said Bird. “Emmetsburg could receive up to $600,000 in grant funding for this project.”

Bird encourages Emmetsburg residents to participate in the survey.

“If you receive a call from Ms. Kathman, please take a few moments to respond to this important survey,” he said. “The state will use the income information gathered from this survey to determine whether or not the people in the community can afford to pay for this entire project through utility rates, or whether grant money is necessary to assist with the project funding.”

The results of this survey will be good for several years, Bird noted. This information may serve the community for multiple grant applications.

If residents have specific questions about the pending wastewater treatment plant project, or about the survey, they are encouraged to contact John Bird at 852-2550.