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Incumbent Supervisor Edged In Primary Bid

By Staff | Jun 5, 2008

Residents of Palo Alto County Supervisor District Three defeated the incumbent candidate by a dozen votes during Tuesday’s Primary elections. Challenger Frank Kliegl would receive 151 votes while incumbent Supervisor Leo Goeders received 139 votes out of the 290 votes cast in the precinct.

With the lone local contested election in Tuesday’s Primary, voter turnout was light, according to election officials. Out of the 6,953 registered electors in Palo Alto County, 699 voters cast ballots in the primary, 10,05 percent voter turnout.

The contested primary contest in supervisor district three was found on the Democratic ballot. Incumbent Supervisor Leo Goeders, who currently serves as the chair of the Board, received 139 votes, or 47.93 percent of the votes, while his challenger, Frank Klieg, collected 151 votes, or 52.0 percent of the votes cast. A total of 290 votes were cast in the three precincts that comprise District Three.

In the other county offices, Auditor Gary Leonard, Supervisor Ron Graettinger and Sheriff Dennis Goeders all ran unopposed in the primary. Leonard, running on the Republican ticket, received 158 votes out of 159 cast, or 99.37 percent. Ron Graettinger, running for re-election in Supervisor District Four on the Republican ticket, earned 42 votes out of the 43 cast, for 97.67 percent of the vote.

Democratic Sheriff Dennis Goeders received 481 of the 484 votes that were cast, or 99.38 percent of the ballots cast in the county.

In the primary for State Senator District Four, Incumbent Senator John P. (Jack) Kibbie received 447 votes in his re-election bid on the Democratic ticket, 99.78 percent of the ballots cast in the primary. State Representative District Seven saw Incumbent Representative Marcie R. Frevert receive 455 of 456 votes in the Democratic balloting, or 99.78 percent. Her opponent on the Republican ticket, Debra Satern, received all 133 votes cast in the county.

On the national level, the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate saw incumbent Senator tom Harkin earn 408 out of 410 votes, while on the Republican ticket, George S. Eichhorn earned 40 percent of the vote with 58 votes. Christopher Reed received 49 votes for 33.79 percent of the ballots and Steve Rathje earned 38 votes, or 26.21 percent of the total votes cast.

The U.S. House of Representatives race saw Incumbent Republican Representative Tom Latham receive 146 votes, while Democratic Becky Greenwald received 223 votes, or 55.75 percent of the votes to win the nomination. Kurt Meyer received 107 votes, or 26.75 percent, while William J. Meyers garnered 48 votes, 12 percent of the total and Kevin Miskell received 21 votes or 5.25 percent.