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Refurbishing South Grand

By Staff | May 1, 2008

Reconstruction of South Grand was questioned when property owner Lois Jurries came to the City Council Monday night, April 28.

“I was concerned when a construction worker told me they were not going to tear up our street, just fix the bad spots,” said Jurries. “We’re getting a band aid and others are getting a new street.”

City Administrator John Bird explained that the street from 14th to 17th will be completely removed. South of 17th Street only a portion of the street will be removed because the crown of the street is still intact.

“Nothing has changed in the scope of the project,” said Bird. “We need to be careful not to do more work than what can be recouped in a court of law.”

A letter to property owners, sent earlier this month, states, “The city has initiated legal proceedings against the contractor that completed the original project work in 2002, and that litigation is pending.”

The letter also outlined the repair work. “This work will include removing much of the asphalt street surface, removal of the sections of curb and gutter that have sagged, re-excavation of the utility trenches that have settled, re-compaction of those trenches and installing new pavement and curb and gutter where applicable. The cost of these improvements will not be assessed to the property owners.”

“The street you are going to get will be considerably better than what you were assessed,” said Bird.