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Restructuring At City Hall

By Staff | Apr 17, 2008

SWEARING IN -- Emmetsburg Mayor John Schad (left) conducted swearing-in ceremonies for city officials Wednesday, April 16. Pictured from the left, Kim Kibbie was sworn in as City Clerk; Jill Kliegl is Finance Director and Deputy Clerk; and Lisa Gappa is secretary of Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees. --Jane Whitmore photo

Some familiar faces have new titles at Emmetsburg City Hall/Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities. Jill Kliegl, Kim Kibbie and Lisa Gappa were sworn in to new offices on Wednesday, April 16.

Jill Kliegl, who has served as Emmetsburg City Clerk since 1999, has been appointed the city’s Finance Officer/Office Manager and Deputy City Clerk. She has worked for the city/utilities since 1978 and at one time had served as Deputy City Clerk

Kim Kibbie has been appointed City Clerk. She has served as Deputy City Clerk since 1999.

Lisa Gappa was appointed Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities Board Secretary and she will also head up the utility billing. She has worked for EMU since 2000.

Jenna Bulfer continues to assist with utility billing applications. Her job has been expanded to serve as customer service coordinator for the city and utilities.

“As a result of Kathy Gunderson’s decision to leave Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities for another career opportunity, it has been necessary for the remaining members of our staff (City and EMU) to step forward and take on new, added duties and responsibilities in order to continue providing quality, efficient services to Emmetsburg’s public,” said John Bird, City Administrator. “I have been very impressed with and appreciative of everyone’s willingness thus far to pitch in for the good of the cause.”

Along with restructuring, city and utilities employees held a joint two-day in-house training session focusing on billing and financial software applications.

“Our objective was to achieve a greater degree of cross-training among our staff, which will result in our ability to serve our citizens/customers more effectively and efficiently,” said Bird.

Emmetsburg City Council and Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees approved the restructuring proposal this week. However, they will meet again to discuss salary adjustments.

John Bird outlined the new positions:

Jill Kliegl, as Finance Officer/Office Manager, will oversee the financial accounting duties for the city and utilities. She will serve as immediate supervisor over other office staff members. Jill will serve as Deputy Clerk.

Kim Kibbie will assume all the duties of City Clerk. She will attend City Council meetings and council committee meetings. In addition, Kim will handle the city’s daily receipts and accounts payable.

Lisa Gappa has been appointed Board Secretary for Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities. She will attend all board meetings and be responsible for minutes. In addition, Lisa will head up the utility billing and be responsible for utilities’ accounts payable.

Jenna Bulfer will continue to assist with all utility billing applications and duties. She will also serve as customer service coordinator for the city and utilities, assisting customers/citizens.

John Bird will also take on additional duties, including reports for the utilities and preparing EMU’s annual budget.

Clean-Up Week

Emmetsburg City Council discussed re-instating Clean-Up Week. And the dates have been set.

Clean-Up Week is May 12-16. Brown Goods Recycling is May 15 and 16.

The topic of Clean-Up Week was brought before the council last month. In the mean time, a number of other communities were contacted to see if they still continue curb-side Clean-Up. The list of communities who offer this service to its citizens far out-numbers the number of communities who have discontinued Clean-Up Week.

One of the concerns cited for discontinuing curb-side Clean-Up was the amount of trash taken to the landfill.

“I talked to Joe Neary about the volume question and he said it wasn’t a big factor because four counties go together,” said Council representative Pam Smith.

She added that the community needs to increase its recycling efforts. Smith also said she was recently made aware that residents could place items at the curb if they purchase a sticker.

City Administrator John Bird explained that residents can purchase a sticker, which would be placed on a bag of trash. Currently, Emmetsburg residents are limited to two bags of trash collected at the curb each week.

“It’s pretty obvious that people want it (Clean-Up Week),” said Councilman Brian Campbell.

Bird pointed out, “What we did worked well. I’m in favor if it really cleans up our community.”

Last year was the first year Emmetsburg did not have Clean-Up Week.