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Junior Misses Crowned

By Staff | Mar 11, 2008

ST. PAT’S ROYALTY - St. Pat’s will feature these lovely young ladies reigning over the festivities following their crowning on Sunday. In the photo at left are the Junior Miss title holders: Little Lassie Natalie Ruis, Little Miss Anna Brennan and Irish Miss Paige Naig, all of Emmetsburg . -- Dan Voigt photos

The stage at Corrigan Hall in Emmetsburg was full of pretty dresses and happy smiles as a capacity crowd cheered the crowning of three young ladies during the Junior Miss Shamrock program on Sunday afternoon. The official start to Emmetsburg’s St. Patrick’s Observance saw a trio of Emmetsburg girls being selected to the titles of Little Miss Shamrock, Little Lassie and Irish Miss.

In the Little Miss competition, Anna Brennan, the daughter of Diane and Rick Brennan was chosen to wear the crown as the littlest Irish queen. Natalie Ruiz, the daughter of Gerard and Kristen Ruiz, was shocked when the crown of Little Lassie was placed on her head, and Paige Naig, the daughter of Tammy and Jeff Naig, smiled broadly when she was crowned the Irish Miss to conclude the afternoon program.

Along with talent presentations by the 17 contestants in the program, the retiring titleholders also took to the stage of Corrigan Hall for a final performance. Bailey Naig, the retiring Little Miss, presented a jazz dance to “The Cat in the Hat.” Bailey is the daughter of Jeff and Tammy Naig of Emmetsburg.

Kendall Deitering, the daughter of Brian and SueAnne Deitering of Emmetsburg, presented a clog dance to “I’ve Been Everywhere” to conclude her reign as the Little Lassie. Graye Farnum, the daughter of David and Darci Farnum of Estherville, presented a dance routine to “Bop to the Beat” in her final appearance as the Irish Miss. The 2008 Irish Dancers made their inaugural appearance during the program, presenting three selections. Members of the Celtic Cuties, dancers in Kindergarten through Third Grade, included Anna Brennan, Nicolett Boblit, Lindsey Carter, Molly Schany, Isabella King, Marissa King, Alison Laubenthal, Alexis Louwagie, Molly McCain, Jordan Miller, Betty Sue Strohman, Jessica Taylor, Jasmine Boblit, Rachel Geelan, Hannah Malm, Alison Merrill, Hannah Van Huevelen, Mary Nelson, Kayla Joyce, Sydney Travis and Ashley Keller.

Dancers in the Fourth through Seventh grades include Shea Ehlert, Katie Hoffman, Alexis King, Laura Moser, Erin Poeppe, Kiersten Aldous, Olivia Smith, Hannah Bird, BriAna Campbell, Kendal Deitering, Brittany Poeppe, Jenna Wolfe, Shelby Brindley, Jacque Carlson, Whitney Kibbie, Erin Reedy, Amy Schultes and Miranda Vlasman. Directors of the groups are Lori Riley and Diane Brennan.

Little Miss Shamrock

For Anna Brennan, a vocal solo entitled “If I Were A Butterfly” earned her the title of Little Miss Shamrock on Sunday. Also competing in the division was Jade Garman of Whittemore, the daughter of Brian and Linda Garman, who sang “The Good Ship Lollipop.”

Also competing was Therese Matthews, the daughter of Paul and Laura Matthews of Emmetsburg, who performed a dance routine to “Cuddly Ducks.” Lindsay Carter of Emmetsburg, the daughter of Lisa and Joe Carter, performed a tap dance routine to “I Enjoy Being a Girl.”

Little Lassies

A field of six contestants took part in the Little Lassie portion of the program.

Natalie Ruiz would sing a vocal solo, “Good Morning Baltimore” from the musical “Dreamgirls”, and wowed the audience with her big voice on her way to winning the title.

Also competing on Sunday was Savanna Hunter, the daughter of Paul and Anita Hunter of West Bend. Savanna sang “Tomorrow Needs Us” for her talent presentation. Maddie Elbert, the daughter of Mike and Jen Elbert of Rock Rapids played a piano solo entitled “Dance of the Irish” and “The Spider Dance” for her talent selections. Laura Moser, the daughter of Carmen and Jamie Moser of Cylinder also played the piano for her talent, choosing “My Heart Will Go On,” from “Titanic”, as her selection.

Alexa Naig, the daughter of Jeff and Tammy Naig of Emmetsburg sang a vocal solo, “No One” as her talent selection and Kiersten Aldous, the daughter of Jill and Steve Aldous of Emmetsburg, played the piano solo “As the Deer” to round out the Little Lassie compeition.

Irish Miss

With a field of seven contestants, the Irish Miss competition featured outstanding talent selections, but Paige Naig’s piano/vocal treatment of “Anyway” would earn her the crown of Irish Miss.

Hannah Bird, the daughter of Rick and Julie Bird of Emmetsburg, sang “Broken” as her talent choice, with Sarah Matthews, the daughter of Paul and Laura Matthews of Emmetsburg singing “When You Believe” in the talent portion of the program. Jenna Wolfe, the daughter of Jesse and Janice Wolfe, would sing “Teardrops on My Guitar” for her talent presentation and Casey Henricksen, the daughter of Sharon Henricksen of Emmetsburg and Gary Henricksen of Wallingford, chose “This One’s For The Girls” as her talent selection.

Shelby Brindley of Emmetsburg, the daughter of Michelle Tonderum and Jeff Brindley, sang and danced her way in the talent competition with the song, “Walking On Sunshine.” Taylor Jepsen, the daughter of Shane and Anissa Jepsen of Terril, rounded out the competition as she sang “Cowboy Take Me Away.”