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By Staff | Feb 5, 2008

GRAETTINGER — Officials of the Graettinger and Terril Community School Boards have worked out a modification to their current whole-grade sharing agreement. The two boards of education arrived at a modification to the existing sharing agreement for grades six through 12 by including grades kindergarten through fifth.

Under the current agreement, students in grades six through eight attend classes at Terril, while students in grades nine through 12 attend classes in Graettinger. Each district has been holding its own Kindergarten through fifth grade classes. With the modified agreement, Kindergarten through second graders will attend classes at Graettinger, along with high school aged students. Students in grades three through eight will attend classes in Terril. The agreement will continue until the current whole-grade sharing agreement expirers in 2012.

“This agreement creates stability for both districts,” noted Dan Mart, Superintendent for both districts. “For the past three years, each board has had to wrestle with the issue of small elementary class sizes. For the 2007-2008 school year, grades four and five were shared due to low enrollment numbers. All fourth graders from Graettinger and Terril presently attend the Graettinger Elementary Center and all fifth graders are members of the Terril/Graettinger Middle School. This agreement alleviates the question of where grade levels would be housed on a yearly basis.”

Additionally, each community will continue to maintain a preschool program at its location as long as the programs remain financially feasible.