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Council Approves Resolutions For Grant Applications

By Staff | Dec 13, 2007

In the past few weeks, Emmetsburg City Council has been besieged with requests for resolutions to seek grant funding. The deadline for Palo Alto County Gaming Development Commission grant applications is later this month.

Nearly a dozen resolutions were passed at the council’s Monday night meeting.

Even more resolutions were adopted, these to recognize the work of out-going council representatives and the mayor.

The council adopted Resolutions of Appreciation for Bill Zeigler, who represented Ward 4 for 16 years; for Kirk Haack, who served as Council-at-Large for 9 1/2 years at two different times; and for Myrna Heddinger who served as Mayor for 8 years and on the City Council for 14 years.

In other business, the council set Jan. 14, 2008, at 7 p.m. to amend the current city budget.

The council also voted to dispense with the next scheduled meeting on Dec. 24.

A resolution pertaining to solid waste disposal was adopted by the council. The city approved Northern Plains Regional Landfill Comprehensive Plan Update.

In a report to the council, Police Chief Eric Hanson said the relief valve had been replaced on the boiler at the Police Department. He had reported at a previous meeting that the aging boiler system was not working properly.

“The boiler is operating normally, within reason,” he said. “It seems to be running normally and will get us through the winter. We will budget for funds for repair next year.”

Councilman Steve Finer reported on a meeting of the Public Safety Committee where the proposed purchase of tazers was discussed.

“We agreed to purchase tazers if grant funding was appropriated,” said Finer. “And we will have guidelines in place.”

The committee also approved filling the Sergeant position by promoting Ryan Veldboom.

Council representative Pam Smith reiterated that the council would have written policies for tazer use. She noted that the council needs to discuss the cost of taking people for medical treatment if they have been tazered.

The council did not act on the mayor’s recommendation to re-appoint Ron Ludwig to Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees.

“We have a bit of a problem because Ron is not a resident of Emmetsburg anymore,” said Councilman Bill Zeigler. “I know it’s not in the code, but I’d rather the appointment be someone who lives in the community.”

Councilman Kirk Haack agreed, noting, “It’s a common sense thing.”

No appointment was made.