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Emmetsburg School Board Learns About New Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress

By Staff | Dec 27, 2019

by Anesa McGregor

The Emmetsburg School Board of Directors learned about the new progress tests given in the state of Iowa and how they are used during their regular meeting on Wednesday, Dec.18.

Mrs. Tracie Christensen, Middle School Principal, discussed the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress, which has taken the place of the Iowa Assessment tests, as this was the first year students took the test.

“The ISASP is given once a year,” Christensen said. “This is a summative assessment intended to compliment other types of assessments that are being implemented,” Christensen said.

ISASP measures the Iowa Core Standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. All students in grades third through eleventh are administered the English Language Arts test and Mathematics tests. Grades five, eight, and eleven also take science tests.

The tests that have been taken this year will serve as a baseline for test results in future years.

Each area of testing has three levels: Not-Yet-Proficient, Proficient, and Advanced. When test results come back, each area of testing will have a state average with which to compare.

Many of the percentages for Emmetsburg Schools were right at or above the state average.

The results of the yearly ISASP can be used in many ways to help the school become better in the proficiencies required by the Iowa Department of Education and also the U.S. Department of Education.

The school can use the results to provide summary information to communities and to assist with improvement planning.

The results will become a part of the Iowa School Performance Profiles produced by the Iowa Department of Education and will become part of the accountability reporting by the Iowa Department of Education to the U.S. Department of Education.

As the schools get a couple of years worth of testing behind them, the results of the ISASP will begin to show the story of education systems throughout Iowa.

In other business, the resignation of Sean Farmer, HS Special Education, was accepted and the following contract was approved: Paul Hersom as part-time driver.