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Ted Riley Honored At Booster Club Golf Outing

By Staff | Jun 20, 2018

BOOSTER CLUB GOLF OUTING -- Ted Riley, E-Hawk Booster of the Year, is pictured chipping onto the green. Members of the foursome are (from the left)?Marc Riley, Ted Riley, Joe Noonan, and Randy Hough. Fifteen foursomes golfed in the annual E-Hawk Athletic Booster Club Golf Outing that raises funds to support EHS sports. --Jane Whitmore photos

Fifteen teams braved the heat to participate in the 8th Annual E-Hawk Athletic Booster Club Golf Outing Fundraiser at Five Island Golf last Friday. The annual event is held to raise funds to support Emmetsburg High School athletics.

This year, the Booster Club teamed up with Five Island Golf to raise funds to rebuild the practice green.

Cost to rebuild the practice green is $12,000. Five Island Golf received a $6,000 grant from City Gaming Funds. They approached the E-Hawk Athletic Booster Club about helping finance the remaining $6,000.

Rick Brennan, chairman of the golf event, announced that the golf outing brought in $4,739.69 on Friday, short of their goal of $6,000. He also announced that Iowa Trust &?Savings Bank will donate the additional $1,260.32.

Having a practice green will make Five Island Golf eligible to host post-season high school golf tournaments.

TED RILEY - E-Hawk Booster of the Year

Golf Outing

Fifteen teams participated in the annual golf outing.

Championship team included Jean Eckert, Bill Eckert, Ginger Ahern and Dave Zimmerman who carded a 30.

Second place, first flight, with a 31, was the Solberg team; and, third place in the first flight was the Jackson team with a 32.

First place, in the second flight was determined by tiebreaker with three teams at 32. The POET team came out on top, including Bill Huberty, Jon Westfall, Justin Kibbie and Matt Wirtz; second place went to the team of Hofstad/Carter with a 33; and third place went to the EHS?Girls Golf team with a 39.

LADY E-HAWK golf team members participated in the E-Hawk Athletic Booster Club Golf Outing last Friday at Five Island Golf. Pictured (from the left) are Gretchen Hofstad, Molly McCain, Somer Hudson and Parker Traub.

First place in the third flight was the Ditch team of Todd Ditch, Val Morten, Brian Malm and Amy Malm with a 35; second place went to the Handeland Chiropractic Team; and third place was the Ag Property Solution team with a score of 39.

High school golfers participating in the Friday tournament were Molly McCain, Somer Hudson, Gretchen Hofstad, Parker Traub, Seth Freeman, Gerard Ruiz, Matt Wirtz and Calvin Hart.

Booster of the Year

Ted Riley was honored as 2018 E-Hawk Booster of the Year.

“We came to town in 1983-84,” Riley told the crowd. “We have had a ton of support from the school and the community, coaching basketball and golf. I have surrounded myself with really good people.”

He thanked the Booster Club for their involvement and hard work. “Thanks to the Booster Club, we don’t want for anything.”

He looked at members of his girls golf team and said, “Whether we win or lose, what’s the largest room in the world?”?The girls answered, “room for improvement.”

“The E-Hawk tradition is alive and well,” Riley said.