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Cooper Expands into Storage

By Staff | Jun 15, 2018

The first of eight storage containers is set in place at Dan Cooper’s storage yard. Photo Darren Fraser

With the installation of eight storage containers, Dan Cooper can print new business cards that will read “Dan Cooper Builders and Storage.”

Cooper purchased the 8 X 20 containers in Minneapolis. He says the units, manufactured in China, as known as ‘one-trippers’ because they make one trip on a cargo ship and then are put up for sale. In addition to being roomy and new, Cooper says the containers are also waterproof.

Cooper is setting up his self-storage business on a lot he has owned for 20 years off 12th Street.

Mark Speidel owns Emmetsburg Mini Storage with over 300 units at three locations. Cooper helped Speidel build his business. He is not too concerned if his self-storage venture does not take off. “I’ll see what happens,” he says. “I can truck them out of here if it doesn’t work.”

Cooper hopes to have all eight units in place in 30 days.