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What New Plant Will You Try This Year?

By Staff | Apr 3, 2018

The Palo Alto Garden Club began their new year with a meeting at the Shores on March 13. Hostesses were Lois Neighbors, Pat Steffan, and Fay Wojahn. Tasty treats were served to 15 members, two joining members, two guests, and a knowledgeable panel of Erica Janssen, Ann Grimm, and Kevin Fehr. We began with our ‘Ask an Expert’ panel answering varied questions about pruning lilacs now in March, roses, maple roots mulch, hollyhocks, raspberries, blackberries, hosta, bleeding hearts, tomatoes heirloom, poppies, clematis and their need for shade on the roots, emerald ask borer, spraying snake grass and dandelions at appropriate times and the use of the dab technique to protect perennials when spray would damage them, as well as the fact that we are zone 4. We were fortunate to have those three experts with information and experience share their expertise.

Lois Neighbors shared the Tip of the Month. Now is the time to cut Karl Foerester and other grasses back. For easy disposal masking tape is the answer it will not stick to the grass but to itself. Karl Foerester’s story began when at the age of 7 he began ten years as a garden apprentice 125 miles from his home in Germany. He then attended a gardening academy for 10 years in Potsdam, Germany, as a plant breeder who worked with grasses, ferns, delphiniums and the goldstrum variety of black-eyed Susan, and furthered the cause of natives. With the motto of “Being good or merely good is the enemy of becoming better”, Karl lived 96 years. Roll call was, “What new plant will you try this year?”

In unfinished business the library display will continue at appropriate times. The club will provide four medallions for the 4H flower and garden vegetable classes at the fair. New Business included reviewing the yearbook with a cover of pictures from Berkland’s wetland. Thank you, Lois Enger. The club will do the planting at Soper Park as a service project. A challenge for the year is to enter at least one project at the fair. More information later. Upon a motion by Sharon Hobart and second by Lois Neighbors, the club will have a display at the May Fun and Wellness Day to be held at ILCC. A clean-up is planned for April 24 at the Victorian House. A sheet was passed for signing up for general yard upkeep and watering there during the summer. The club will fill the downtown planters when the plants arrive. Members will be contacting the nursing homes with the club’s offer to help in purchasing and planting their spaces. The District 6 meeting will be held on April 20 in Webster City and the state meeting on June 21-22 in Mason City.

The next meeting will be at Sharon Hobart’s home with Cindy Chapman and Jan Stillman assisting.