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4-H Slime Workshop

By Staff | Mar 29, 2018
BROKEN?ARM - Even with a broken arm, Paula Licht still finds a way to play with her slime.
FLUFFY?SLIME - Nick Saxton and Nathan Adams have a little fun with their Fluffy Slime that they made.
MELTING?STARBURSTS - Kinzie Hoffman stirs the Starburst candies as they melt for the Starburst Slime.
EDIBLE?SLIME- This group of girls work on Starburst Slime, which was edible. Pictured are Reagan and Kennedy Schurg, Patience Wiita, and Lauren Swift.

On Tuesday evening, March 20th, 15 4-Hers attended a Slime Sensation Workshop from 6:00-8:00 PM held at the Palo Alto County Extension Office. 4-Hers spent the evening experimenting with slime. They prepared five different slime recipes, including two edible ones, and watched the chemical reactions as the ingredients bonded together to form the slime. All the participants got to take home a sample of each recipe so they could compare them and pick out their favorites.

Participating 4-Hers included Paula Licht, Kenzie Hoffman, Kennedy Schurg, Olivia Lace, Chloe Schneider, Kylie Hoffman, Patience Wiita, Jadyn Joyce, Nathan Adams, Nick Saxton, Reagan Schurg, Lauren Swift, Gabe Swift, Ava Faulkner, and Josey Saxton. A special thanks goes out to Tracy Licht, an adult helper, who spent much of the time doing dishes and cleaning up after everyone.

For more information about this event and other fun opportunities in 4-H, contact the Palo Alto County Extension Office at 712-852-2865.