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West Elementary’s Daughter and Special Other Dance

By Staff | Mar 15, 2018

It is said that a girl’s first boyfriend is her Dad. For the Fourth Grade girls at West Elementary, this past Friday night was their special night with that special person in their lives.

Formerly known as the Daddy-Daughter Dance, the event was opened to parents this year as a way to enjoy an evening of bonding between parents and their daughters.

Snacks were provided by the West Elementary Parenters In Education group for the girls and their guests to enjoy. An opportunity for a special photo was available in the West Elementary cafeteria area, and the young ladies enjoyed plenty of time and opportunities to just socialize, as well as try some line dancing, even shoing their dates how it was done.

But there were several opportunities for some slow dancing between the girls and their dates, to provide the young ladies with memories of a special night that will last for a lifetime. — Dan Voigt sorty/photos