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4-H Sewing Workshop

By Staff | Jan 4, 2018
FALL COLORS- Olivia Anderson shows us her wreath. She picked a nice fall pattern.
WORKING?HARD- Kennedy Schurg is ready for the final step – tacking the corners together.
ALL?FINISHED- Isabella Anderson shows off her finished wreath.
FOLD?AND?STITCH- Hannah Noethe and Rachel Chapman begin their sewing project – a fold & stitch wreath.

A 4-H Sewing Workshop was held at the Palo Alto County Extension Office. Seven 4-H members enjoyed a day of sewing, pizza, and fellowship. Participants learned some basic sewing skills while sewing a Fold & Stitch Wreath. Because of a grant from the Palo Alto County Gaming and Development Corporation sewing machines and sewing supplies were provided for the group. Directions were also provided to all participants so they could go home and make more wreaths, giving them a chance to practice their newly learned skills. Hopefully we will see some of them at the fair!

4-Hers attending the workshop included Becca Licht, Paula Licht, Rachel Chapman, Olivia Anderson, Isabella Anderson, Kennedy Schurg, and Hannah Noethe.