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Adopt A Family From Upper Des Moines Opportunity This Holiday Season

By Staff | Dec 7, 2017

Christmas is a time for families. There are families in Palo Alto County that could use some help making Christmas a truly special time of year.

Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc., and The Reporter & The Democrat are presenting the situations of area families signed up for “Adopt A Family.”

Palo Alto County residents are encouraged to step forward and help so these families have a happy holiday season.

The program is simple, yet effective. Upper Des Moines Opportunity collects the information from families. This information includes any special needs for children such as clothing sizes and gift wishes. This information is being printed in The Reporter & The Democrat to connect people who need assistance at Christmas with people who care to give. The identities of the families are kept strictly confidential.

Groups or individuals who wish to adopt a family in the program are asked to contact Upper Des Moines Opportunity in Emmetsburg at 712-852-3482 and state the family number they wish to adopt. Monetary contributions will go to help families that are not adopted.

Fruit and meat baskets can also be donated. The baskets will be distributed to the elderly of Palo Alto County by Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc.

Family #48

This family has five children that all need snow boots. The oldest, is a 10-year-old girl that would like a hair straightener or hair products. The nine-year-old girl would like crafts this year. The seven-year-old would like some toy cars. The six-year-old female would like a Barbie or other dolls. Finally, the two and a half year old boy would like some Thomas the Tank Engine Toys.

Family #49

This family has four children that would love to have a great holiday season. All four children could use new clothing. The oldest is a 12-year-old female that would like some art/ paint supplies. Next, the family’s 10-year-old would like a My Life Doll. The eight-year-old male would like a Hot Wheels Race Track. The six-year-old female would like some Shopkins.

Family #50

This family has a 16-year-old boy that needs new clothes this holiday season.

Family #51

The two-year-old boy in this family could use some new clothes for the holidays. The 18-year-old male needs some new pants and shirts.

Family #52

This family has two boys. Both could use new boots for the winter. The 11-year-old would like some fishing and camouflage items. The eight-year-old male would like some toys, legos, or cars.

Family #53

The nine-year-old boy in this family needs new snow boots before winter comes. He would also like anything monster trucks or dirt bikes.