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Middle School Educational Update

By Staff | Nov 7, 2017


Mrs. Tracie Christensen

Middle School Principal


Makerspace is a general term for a place where people get together to make things. Makerspaces might focus on electronics, robotics, woodworking, sewing, laser cutting, programming, or some combination of these skills. We believe making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create, and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. These things are like little pieces of us and seem to embody portions of our souls. We have named our makerspace the Library Lab and it is available throughout the day for all students in grades 5-12. Students are excited to try new things, collaborate and use their imagination to create unique items. We are always looking for donations to add to our makerspace. Ideally, a makerspace is combination of a science lab, woodshop, computer lab and art room which should be designed to accommodate a wide range of activities, tools and materials. A possible range of activities might include: Cardboard design and construction, Woodworking, Electronics and Robotics, Crafting of all types, Coding/Gaming, 3D design and printing. There is also a list of low tech items on our website that students can use to create and we can always use to replenish our supplies.