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4-Hers Participate in a Popcorn Workshop

By Staff | Oct 26, 2017
POPCORN?RELAYS-During a break the participants participated in a popcorn relay game. Pictured to the left are Emmy Schneider, Kourtney Kogel, Chloe Schneider, Henry Miner, and Indy Holscher.
THE?RIGHT?AMOUNT- Kennedy Schurg and Claire Kassel measure out the right amount of popcorn for the popcorn ball recipe.
FORMING?THE?POPCORN?BALLS- Time to form the popcorn balls. Pictured are Claire Kassel, Rebecca Licht, Kourtney Kogel, Kenzie Hoffman, and Kennedy Schurg.

On Saturday, Oct. 14th, 15 4-Hers attended a Popcorn Workshop from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM held at the Palo Alto County Extension Office. 4-Hers spent the day experimenting with popcorn.

They prepared a number of different popcorn recipes, performed some popcorn experiments, and even learned a little popcorn history. Included in the workshop was time for sampling! All participants got to take home popcorn balls and caramel popcorn to share with their families.

Participating 4-Hers included Paula Licht, Kenzie Hoffman, Rebecca Licht, Henry Miner, Kourtney Kogel, Claire Kassel, Kennedy Schurg, Olivia Lace, Indy Holscher, Hudsyn Holscher, Rachel Miner, Ben Hurley, Emmy Schneider, Chloe Schneider, and Kate Sorenson. A special thanks goes out to Sheri Schurg, an adult helper, who spent the day helping wherever needed. We would also like to acknowledge Jolly Time for sponsoring this event with lots of door prizes, two popcorn history books, and certificates for free popcorn.

For more information about this event and other fun opportunities in 4-H, contact the Palo Alto County Extension Office at 712-852-2865.