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Update on Standards Based Learning

By Staff | Oct 24, 2017

by Mike Embrock

High School Principal

The end of the 1st Quarter was officially on Friday, October 20. First Quarter grades should be available to parents via JMC and report cards will be mailed out soon. The end of the 1st Quarter is great opportunity for us to update our parents and community about Standards Based Learning (SBL) at EHS. The teachers have been making some solid progress with their grading practices with our Standards Based Learning (SBL) work. We truly want our students’ grades to reflect what our students have learned in a given course. Here are the grading guidelines that we use to guide our grading practices at EHS:

EHS Grading Guidelines (Non-negotiables)

Each teacher will need to choose one of the following grade structures:

Grade weighting must be at least 90% assessment and 10% homework/miscellaneous.

Grading must be done on a 4-point scale.

All assessed work must be tied to a standard/learning target.

Standards need to be identified in lesson plans and in gradebook.

Soft Skills (assignment completion, attentive, following directions, etc) will not be calculated into grade unless 21st century skills are identified as essential skills for the course.

No extra credit and participation points are calculated into grade.

Teachers will allow students, at their discretion, the opportunity for reassessments.

Reassessment policies will be determined by curricular departments.

Teachers must use one of the following to calculate and assess student learning (grades):

Assessments weighted as 90% of a course grade and assignments/other work weighted as 10% of a course grade.

Use a 4 point scale to assess standards/learning targets.

4.0 = Mastery

3.5 = Proficient

3.0 = Basic Understanding

2.0 = Developing Understanding

1.0 = Minimal Understanding

0 = No evidence of understanding of standard

Our leadership team attended some additional Standards Based Learning training on October 18 and 19. We have set some new goals that will eventually result in some minor changes to these guidelines as we strive for more consistency among our teachers. These updates will be communicated as we get closer to the end of the school year.

We are making some great strides on our grading practices to truly reflect student progress of learning with SBL. This work is difficult and ongoing, and simply in the best interest of our students and their learning. We are very proud of the effort of our EHS Teachers in moving forward with Standards Based Learning. Please contact Principal Mike Embrock if you have any questions about Standards Based Learning.