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West Elementary Hosts Childrens’ Author

By Staff | Mar 7, 2017

CHILDREN’S?AUTHOR - Ryan Sloth, an assistant Football Coach at Iowa State University and author, visited West Elementary recently to speak to students. Sloth, who played football at Iowa State and went on to play for other teams, including the Iowa Barnstromers, began writing childrens’ books featuring a character, Sammy Sloth. Sammy’s adventures have been chronicled in a series of books that teach children they can accomplish anything in their lives through hard work and determination.

Students at Emmetsburg’s West Elementary were treated to a talk by a noted childrens’ author recently as Ryan Sloth came to Emmetsburg on Feb. 21.

Sloth, who played as a cornerback at Iowa State, went on to play for the Barnstormers and is now a coach for the team.

His writing career began as a high school assignment, and using his last name as a theme, he developed a character, Sammy the Sloth, to base his stories on.

“They’re super slow,” Sloth told students. “They’re the slowest animals on earth.”

In making the hero of his books a sloth, the author used various adventures, such as fishing, as well as trying out for sports, and chronicles Sammy’s challenges along the way until he finds his niche.

LEARNING?AN?IMPORTANT?LESSON?- Calling on several students, Coach Ryan Sloth used one of the Sammy the Sloth series books to teach a lesson on bullying. With the students playing roles from the book, the group was shown how bullying is “Not Cool!”

Sloth also uses characters in his books to teach a message against bullying during his presentations, and reminding students that as they read about Sammy and his adventures, they will learn that no matter the challenge, they should never give up and always do their very best in everything they do.

Coach Sloth’s visit was co-sponsored by the West Elementary Partners In Education (PIE) organization.

SPECIAL?GUEST - Coach Sloth introduced the namesake of his books, Sammy Sloth, to students during his talk.

SPECIAL?MEMORY - West Elementary’s biggest Iowa State Fan, Ella Auten, wore her Cyclone jersey and brought her ISU?had for Coach Sloth to autograph. Coach also autographed a copy of Sammy Sloth’s ABC’s of Iowa State for his new friend.