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October: Manufacturing Month

By Staff | Nov 3, 2016
WELDING students toured Aluma and watched welders in action. Kalen Hilsbeck and Jim Tonderum from Aluma told Mr. Birkey’s students about job opportunities, pointing out they train their welders in plant. --Dan Voigt photo
CAD CLASS (computer aided drafting) met with engineers at Aluma. Bob Mortenson (left) and Andrew Walag (right, behind the computer). Mr. Birkey’s students learned that this is a structured environment with a lot of information that needs to be communicated. Mortenson said an Associates Degree in CAD would be very helpful. --Jane Whitmore photo
CHEMISTRY -- Mrs. Reichert’s two chemistry classes toured POET and learned the process of making ethanol. BJ?Schany, Commodity/Biomass Manager, is pictured talking to students Jackson Knight, Courtney Wurzer and Kristen Kassel (seated at left). Schany talked about jobs at POET and Project Liberty, noting that some can be filled right out of high school and others require a four year degree or master’s degree. “To get away from foreign oil, we grow oil in our cornfields,” he told the students. --Jane Whitmore photo
TOURS were arranged by Billie Jo Joyce, Economic Developer for the City of Emmetsburg, with the assistance of Mark Reinig, Iowa State University - Ciras. They are pictured with student Thomas Woodford (center) at the POET plant. There are many job opportunities in Emmetsburg. --Jane Whitmore photo

Emmetsburg High School students had the opportunity to tour two manufacturing plants during October – Manufacturing Month.

In an effort to dispel the stereotypes people have of manufacturing, Welding students and CAD students toured Aluma Manufacturing, and Chemistry students toured POET?Biorefinery. They learned that not every student needs a four-year degree.