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Lakeside Lutheran Home’s First Administrator Remembered

By Staff | Sep 1, 2016

LAKESIDE LUTHERAN FLAG – Two flags were donated to Lakeside Lutheran Home & Assisted Living in honor of Lewis A. Heghin, and his wife, Gladys M. Heghin. The flags were the second part of a memorial that began in 2011 with a bench and stone sculpture (shown in the background). Pictured left to right: Jamie Dodd, Administrator, Lew Heghin, son of Lewis A. and Gladys M., Mary Lou Reed, a niece, and her husband, Lou Reed. -- Anesa McGregor photo

Every now and then, a person comes along who has a lasting impact that spans time. Lewis A. Heghin was one such person.

Lewis A. Heghin was the first administrator at Lakeside Lutheran Home from 1968 to 1976. His wife, Gladys M. Heghin, served as a long time volunteer and Chairman of the Lakeside Lutheran Home Auxiliary.

In memory of Lewis A. and Gladys M. Heghin, their son Lew Heghin and several nieces and nephews donated two Lakeside flags that will fly near the road at the north and south ends of the property.

“My dad held many administrator positions during his life. He worked at a for-profit nursing home in Mankato, MN. for two years prior to coming to Lakeside,” Lew Heghin, son of Lewis A. and Gladys M., recalled. “He was so happy to come work at a nonprofit nursing home.”

Listening to a couple of family members, it was obvious that the quality of care residents received was foremost in Lewis A. Heghin’s mind throughout his years at Lakeside. He set standards high and those high standards have carried on through the years and are still important today.

“The quality of care we provide is still our main focus,” Jamie Dodd, Lakeside Administrator said.

The two flags are the second part of a memorial honoring the Heghins. In July 2011, a stone sculpture and bench were donated to Lakeside honoring the memory of Lewis A. and Gladys M. Heghin. Wendel Heers, a nephew of the Heghins and a sculptor from Ann Arbor, MI., designed the sculpture and produced from a 2,000 pound piece of limestone taken from a quarry near Mankato, MN.

Along with the sculpture, a bench made of recycled plastic was also donated. The stone sculpture and bench, as well as a plaque are located on the southeast corner of the Lakeside property.

Being the administrator at Lakeside Lutheran Home was Heghin’s last job. He had been a hospital administrator and the administrator at several other nursing homes, but Heghin considered Lakeside Lutheran Home to be his most important.

Lewis A. and Gladys M. Heghin were truly dedicated to Lakeside and their family feels privileged to be able to honor their memory. Lewis passed away in 2000 followed by Gladys in 2005.