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4-H Cloting Event Results

By Staff | Jul 28, 2016

Seven Palo Alto County 4-Hers competed in the county 4-H Clothing Selection/Fashion Revue/$15 Challenge Clothing Event at the Extension Office in Emmetsburg earlier this month. Participants modeled outfits that they either constructed – Fashion Revue – or purchased – Clothing Selection or $15 Challenge – in front of a judge who then conducted an interview with each participant about the choices that they made in selection, construction, fit, style, color, cost, purpose, and the accessories they chose to complete the outfit.

The $15 Challenge is a category that challenges participants to experience other shopping alternatives, such as garage sales or consignment stores, and not spend more than $15.00, not including shoes, accessories, or undergarments.

The judge, Michelle Howing of Wallingford, gave everyone blue ribbons.

Sr. Fashion Revue Champion:

Mary Nelson

Int. Clothing Selection Champion:

Maggie Nelson

Int. $15 Challenge Champion:

Tricia Fay

Jr. Clothing Selection Champion

Cassidy Welter

Jr. Clothing Selection Reserve

Champion: Claire Kassel

Jr. Fashion Revue Champion:

Cassidy Welter

Jr. $15 Challenge Champion:

Claire Kassel

Jr. $15 Challenge Reserve Champion:

Cassidy Welter