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Second Set of Twins a Surprise

By Staff | Jun 30, 2016

WHAT A SURPRISE – As the three Peters girls, Ashton, Addison and Aurora, had been waiting with anticipation for Oreo, a Fleckvieh cow to give birth, they got quite a surprise. On June 6 at 2:00 p.m., Aurora’s Grand Champion Calf, which was shown at the Kossuth County Fair in 2013, gave birth to a set of twins. This was the second set of twins born on the 3 Peters Girls Cattle Inc. Farm near Whittemore that week. Unfortunately, the first set of twins resulted in the loss of one of the calves. -submitted photo

We’ve all had the moment where you wait and wait for newborn animals with overwhelming anticipation, especially when you are younger. On June 6 at 2:00 p.m. the wait was over for Ashton Peters, age 9, Addison Peters, age 5 and Aurora Peters, age 13 (pictured left to right), had waited several hours for, Oreo, one of their Flechvieh Cows to give birth. To their surprise, the cow had a set of twins. This was the second set of twins born to Flechvich Cows that week. Unfortunately, the first birth did result in the loss of one calf.

Flechvieh cattle originated in Central Europe in the 1800s and have become popular across the world. The Fleckvieh breed is a hardy breed that can resist diseases, eats less and is suitable for both milk and meat production. They are also durable, hardy and easy to handle on large or small farms.

A Fleckvieh has what, what is considered a percentage for twin births at five percent, when the average is essentially one in every 200 births (.5 percent) in cattle overall. With twin calves however, there is an abnormality called Freemartinism, which breeders need to be aware of. This genetic disorder causes infertility in female cattle born as a twin to a male. Only about half of all twin births results in this abnormality.

Oreo was Aurora’s Grand Champion Calf that she showed at the Kossuth County Fair in 2013. The Peters girls have had their cow/calf heard for four years at the “3 Peters Girls Cattle Inc. Farm” near Whittemore.

They named the twins Peanut Butter and Jelly.