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Iowa Lakes Community College Launches Effort to Establish “We Believe” Academic Excellence Scholarship

By Staff | Jun 21, 2016

A new scholarship is being established at Iowa Lakes Community College to recognize sophomore international students who have high academic skills and leadership qualities.

The scholarship will be called the “We Believe” Academic Excellence Scholarship.

The motivation to establish this scholarship is a direct result of students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment while mentoring other students at Iowa Lakes.

“I was inspired as I visited with two amazing students and learned about their experience at Iowa Lakes and in the community of Spencer,” said Jolene Rogers, Executive Director of Community and Business Relations.

Rogers plans visits to area businesses in the next few weeks to seek supportive individuals who would contribute to help launch the scholarship.

Mary Faber, Director of the Spencer campus of Iowa Lakes, shares that she believes others will join in the effort once they know more about the type of students who inspired the scholarship. These students prompted Instructor Abi Sedlacek and the Spencer campus staff to approach the Foundations staff to collaborate on establishing this scholarship.

“We are enriched by international students attending college at Iowa Lakes,” Faber said. “For all of us, they teach us so much, and through working with them, we build a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion.”

“Getting to know people like Thales Marcassa and Felipe Giancoli, builds a greater appreciation for those whose backgrounds are different from ours, yet highlights the similarities among all of us,” she said. “We truly have enjoyed having international students on our campuses and have grown from this experience.”

This past academic year, both young men exhibited strong leadership skills along with high academic abilities.

Head Men’s Soccer Coach Ben MacRae recruited the two young men from Brazil.

“Thales and Felipe have been wonderful role models, academic leaders and great team players, both on and off the field,” said Coach MacRae. “They have tutored other students in both math and science courses.”

In addition to Brazil, the Spencer campus had students from England, Australia, Africa, Puerto Rico and Colombia this past year,

The Iowa Lakes Community College Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and all donations for this scholarship are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To contribute to this scholarship or create a new a scholarship, contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement/ Foundations Office at 712-362-0491 or 800-242-5106 ext. 4491.

“We are fortunate at Iowa Lakes Community College to attract students with strong leadership skills,” Faber said. “In recognizing them with scholarship opportunities, we encourage those skills which will benefit all of us in the long run.”