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Ag In The Classroom Program Visits West Elementary

By Staff | Dec 24, 2015
FIELD?CORN?BINGO - Own Rouse, Krayton Rutledge (Crawford) and Latham Rooda, from left to right, watch their cards closely during Corn Bingo in the photo at right. Mrs. Rodemeyer’s Second Graders learned about field corn and what products contain some ingredients from the corn plant. - Anesa McGregor photos
CORN?STALK?CLASS - Angie Johnson shows the children in Mr. Bjustom’s First Grade a corn stack and explains that only one ear of corn grows on a single stalk. Several children raised their hands with questions regarding field corn.
LEARNING ABOUT AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS - Marshal Lewis waits to ask a question about the connection to a farm while Logan Harris listens in on the conversation. Mr. Bjustrom’s First Graders learned how they were connected to farms by what is in the products that are used everyday.

Students at Emmetsburg’s West Elementary School had the opportunity to learn about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. Instructors from the North Central Iowa Ag in the Classroom program spent a portion of last week at West Elementary to explaining to the students about various aspects of agriculture, such as farm animals and crops.

The program was offered again as a collaborative effort between the Palo Alto County Farm Bureau and the Hancock County Farm Bureau.

The program is offered annually to the Elementary students at West.