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Emmetsburg Care Center Earns Accredidation

By Staff | Oct 8, 2015

The Emmetsburg Care Center was recently awarded Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Accreditation for 2015. Emmetsburg Care Center is owned and operated by ABCM Corporation.

QAPI Accreditation is through Providigm, an organization that assists providers in meeting the evolving requirements of health care consumers and policy makers.

Accreditation is formulated on a quality management system of assessments and reports utilizing a combination of resident interviews, observations, and record reviews. These reports provide data to focus quality improvement efforts for a health care facility.

The Providigm QAPI Accreditation Program is based on four standards for excellence in continuously improving quality of care and life for nursing home residents. The four standards include:

1. Comprehensive-A sufficient number of assessments are completed by the facility staff that consist of admission record review, census record review, family interview, resident interview, resident observation, and staff interview.

2. Continuous-The quality activities are performed on an ongoing basis.

3. Coverage-A sufficient number of unique residents are assessed.

4. Corrective-An improvement process is used for areas that have been identified as needing improvement.

“This is a great achievement for Emmetsburg Care Center,” remarked Kasey Sandbulte, Director of Nursing. “This is another step in our directive to providing quality person directed care.”

Emmetsburg Care Center is owned and operated by ABCM Corporation of Hampton, Iowa.