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What I Did Over The Summer…

By Staff | Oct 1, 2015

Raegan Stevens’s 24 lb. cabbage

When school resumes, a tried and true favorite is for students to write about what they did during their summer vacation. Here’s a little different twist to that idea – a story of what one local student did during her summer vacation.

by Raegan Stevens

“Last Spring, Mr. Geelan my 3rd grade teacher gave his class a project to do over the summer.

He sent home a cabbage plant for the class, and each person would grow there cabbage until it was due and you would take a picture of it and you then write the cabbages weight and would take the picture to school and see who won, my cabbage weidht 24 lbs. but I don’t know if I won.”

Raegan is the granddaughter of Jim and Jane Stevens.