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Austin Bramley Completes Internship Progam in Sioux Falls, SD

By Staff | Sep 10, 2015


Austin Bramley has completed a summer internship through the Interns in Industry program sponsored by Forward Sioux Falls, an economic development partnership in the Sioux Falls area. Bramley has begun his senior year at the University of Iowa where he majors in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Throughout his high school and college years, Austin’s interest in sports and sports broadcasting has been evident. In fact, he is building an impressive resume of working in that field.

Midcontinent Communications in Sioux Falls recognized that Austin was also the perfect match for the summer’s Production Assistant internship for their Midco Sports Network. This internship will do a great deal to further prepare Bramley for a successful career, whether he chooses a future in sports broadcasting or another of the many career options that will communicate his passion for sports.

Midcontinent Communications was founded on a promise that the people of our region would never be left behind when it came to technology. Today, Midcontinent delivers some of the best internet, cable, home and other services across the Northern Plains, in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Its Midco Sports Network was created by a team of sports lovers at Midcontinent Communication to showcase local sports and broadcast games from University of North Dakota, University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, the Summit League, the NSIC, and more.

Interns in Industry (IiI) is a program designed to create links between Sioux Falls area businesses and students currently studying in area colleges and technical institutes. Midcontinent Communications is one of 15 business partners offering 50 diverse internships in the 2015 IiI program.

“The number of business partners and internships is limited each year so selection is always competitive,” said Mary Medema, Director of Workforce Development for Forward Sioux Falls. “In addition to the valuable real-world experience, each intern receives a $500 scholarship from Forward Sioux Falls upon completion of their IiI internship.”

Every year, talented students like Austin seek rewarding internship experi- ences related to their interests and major course of study. Students use these experiences to set the course for their future career. Internships are an exceptional way to grow and strengthen the workforce and the region.