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Pillowcase Project Comes To Graettinger

By Staff | Aug 20, 2015
LISTENING?CAREFULLY?- The kids paid close attention to the instructor when talking about being prepared before a fire happens; explaining to the kids the need for smoke alarms and escape routes before disaster strikes. - Anesa McGregor photo
FINAL?KEEPSAKE - At the end of the course, everyone got a Disney pillowcase to decorate the way they wanted and to keep emergencies supplies in. -- Anesa McGregor photo
LEARN?NOT?TO?BURN?- Instructor, Linda Harris at right, explained to the kids that crawling out of a house that is on fire is important because the smoke is the most dangerous part of a house fire. Becky Naeve, Humboldt, IA at left, assisted Harris with the course. Also assisting was Carmen Berkholtz of Spirit Lake and Jeannie Baugous, Livermore. -- Anesa McGregor photo

GRAETTINGER?- Four volunteers from the American Red Cross were on hand, last Saturday, at the Public Library in Graettinger bringing the “Pillowcase Project” to area children. The Red Cross teamed up with Disney to take “The Pillowcase Project” nationwide this year. The goal of this project is to teach as many children across the country about emergency preparedness.

Home fire preparedness was the topic on Saturday, where Instructor Lori Harris, the Northwest Missouri Chapter the of the American Red Cross out of St Joseph, Mo., with the help of Jeanne Baugous, Livermore, IA., Becky Naeve, Humbolt, IA., and Carmen Bernholtz, Spirit Lake, IA. (all three are members of the Northwest Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross), instructed 15 children what should be done before and during a home fire.

After the main presentation, Harris handed out pillowcases to all participants talking to them about items they may need incase of a tornado or some other disaster.

“On the pillowcase are ideas of items you may want to put in a survival kit. Your pillowcase is your survival kit and it is yours to keep and decorate the way you want to,” Harris said.

If anyone would like to find out more information about “The Pillowcase Project,” you can contact the local branch of the American Red Cross in Spencer at 712-262-1574.