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Palo Alto 4-Hers Attend 4-H Youth Conference

By Staff | Jul 16, 2015

IOWA 4-H YOUTH CONFERENCE -- Palo Alto County youth attending the three-day conference are pictured: Megan Dyhrkopp (Chaperone), Kelli Klepper, Betty Strohman, Mackenzie Berkland, and Abigail Hoffman (front row, from the left); Alexis Louwagie, Lauren Kenyon, Cassy Olesen, Rachel Hoffman, Jacob Conlon, and Phillip Schmidt (Chaperone) (center row); Ryan Kenyon, Eli Reichert, Noah Flaherty, Kirk Kenyon, and Eric Sundall (back row). Kyle Kassel was not in the photo. For more information about 4-H events, contact Palo Alto County Extension at 712-852-2865. --submitted photo

Fifteen Palo Alto County 4-Hers attended the 2015 Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, entitled Dare to Discover, at Iowa State University. The three-day conference, designed to inspire the state’s future leaders, hosted more than 800 students and 4-H leaders.

4-Hers who attended from Palo Alto County were Kelli Klepper, Ryan Kenyon, Kirk Kenyon, Kyle Kassel, Rachel Hoffman, Jacob Conlon, Betty Strohman, Abigail Hoffman, Eli Reichert, Lauren Kenyon, Mackenzie Berkland, Eric Sundall, Cassy Olesen, Noah Flaherty, and Alexis Louwagie. Chaperones for the group were Megan Dyhrkopp for the girls and Phillip Schmitt for the boys.

At the conference students participated in workshops, community service, dances, and other social activities. These gatherings and events are designed to create new social networks and to inspire students to reach out to their communities through leadership and service. Participants stayed in the dorms on the ISU campus and attended workshops in many of the campus buildings.

Speakers from across the country came to the conference and presented inspirational stories and speeches.

The 4-H Youth Conference took place June 30 through July 2.

On behalf of the delegates and chaperones, a special thanks is extended to the Palo Alto County 4-H Foundation and the family of Margaret Pratt for their financial support to help county 4-Hers attend this special statewide event.