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Twin Lakes Conference Wrestling Summary

March 5, 2019
Emmetsburg News

With the wrestling season over, a summary of the 2018-2019 Twin Lakes Conference standings have been released. Included are: final conference dual standings. Overall dual records, conference coach of the year, conference wrestling tournament results and place winners, and state wrestling tournament place winners.

Twin Lakes Conference Dual Wrestling Standings

Final Conference Overall

Standings Record Record

1. Emmetsburg 9-0 21-2

2. G-T/R-A 7-1 20-4

3. Southeast Valley 6-3 23-6

4. Manson-NW Webster 5-3 9-8

5. South Central Calhoun 4-3 19-7

6. Alta-Aurelia 4-5 14-12

7. East Sac County 3-5 15-14

8. Sioux Central 2-5 7-20

9. Pocahontas Area 1-8 1-20

10. West Bend-Mallard 0-8 2-19

* Co-Coaches of the Year: Tyler Bjustrom Emmetsburg & Alex Helmich G-T/R-A

Twin Lakes Conference Wrestling Tournament

Team Pts.

1. Emmetsburg 212.5

2. G-T/R-A 212.0

3. Southeast Valley 185.5

4. South Central Calhoun 146.5

5. Alta-Aurelia 133.5

6. Manson-NW Webster 115.0

7. East Sac County 67.0

8. West Bend-Mallard 59.0

9. Pocahontas Area 58.0

10. Sioux Central 57.0

Twin Lakes Conference Tournament Place Winners

& State Placement


1st Place Jacobe Mielke (Pocahontas Area, State - 4th)

2nd Place Kevin King (South Central Calhoun)

3rd Place Nic Lowe (Emmetsburg)

4th Place Tytan Kolpin (Alta-Aurelia)

5th Place D'Angelo Love (Sioux Central)

6th Place Connor Klingson (Southeast Valley)


1st Place Coledon Bethel (Southeast Valley)

2nd Place Sean Brennan (Emmetsburg)

3rd Place Cade Stearns (G-T/R-A)

4th Place Sam Sherkenbach (Alta-Aurelia)

5th Place Nathan Harden (Sioux Central)

6th Place Cael Collins (Manson-NW Webster)


1st Place Schade Larson (Alta-Aurelia) 2nd Place Mason Goodwin (Southeast Valley) 3rd Place Ayden Toms (South Central Calhoun) 4th Place Monte Matthews (G-T/R-A)

5th Place Kelly Griffin (Emmetsburg)

6th Place Nathan Thoma (Manson-NW Webster)


1st Place Daltin Roest (Manson-NW Webster)

2nd Place Grant Smith (Sioux Central)

3rd Place Sam Hemmestad (Southeast Valley)

4th Place Justin Buettner (G-T/R-A)

5th Place Tyler Peterson (Alta-Aurelia)

6th Place Michael Goff (South Central Calhoun)


1st Place Ethan Berven (Emmetsburg)

2nd Place Carson Collins (Manson-NW Webster)

3rd Place Hunter Naig (G-T/R-A)

4th Place Rylie Ferrari (Southeast Valley)

5th Place Camryn Van Zee (Sioux Central)

6th Place Jonathan Arter (East Sac County)


1st Place Dawson Mack (East Sac County)

2nd Place Blake McAlister (South Central Calhoun)

3rd Place Colton Anderson (Emmetsburg)

4th Place Brett Triggs (G-T/R-A)

5th Place Daniel Thoma (Manson NW Webster)

6th Place Max Miller (Southeast Valley


1st Place Spencer Griffin (Emmetsburg, State - 2nd) 2nd Place Thomas Melohn (Pocahontas Area)

3rd Place Keaton Lindner (Sioux Central)

4th Place Blake Schany (G-T/R-A)

5th Place Sam Zimmerman (Alta-Aurelia)

6th Place Jonah Siebert (Southeast Valley)


1st Place Chase McAlister (South Central Calhoun)

2nd Place Lucas Hoffman (G-T/R-A)

3rd Place Bret Hoyman (Emmetsburg)

4th Place Chris Krueger (Manson-NW Webster)

5th Place Lathe Muench (Southeast Valley)

6th Place Hunter Jergens (West Bend-Mallard)


1st Place Mason Griffin (Emmetsburg, State 6th)

2nd Place Spencer Roth (G-T/R-A)

3rd Place Connor Fehr (West Bend-Mallard) 4th Place Grant Calmer (Manson-NW Webster)

5th Place - Michael Lyons South Central Calhoun)

6th Place Zack Miller (Southeast Valley)


1st Place Treyton Cacek (G-T/R-A, State Champion)

2nd Place Garret Bruce (East Sac County, State 5th)

3rd Place Colman Grimm (West Bend-Mallard)

4th Place Josh Van Hulzen (South Central Calhoun)

5th Place Matthew Wirtz (Emmetsburg)

6th Place Carter Fluckiger (Southeast Valley)


1st Place Carter Murray (G-T/R-A, State 4th)

2nd Place Alex De Roos (Alta-Aurelia)

3rd Place Brodie Anderson (Manson-NW Webster)

4th Place Nick Schany (Emmetsburg)

5th Place Lane Schmidt (West Bend-Mallard)

6th Place Alex Pudenz (Southeast Valley)


1st Place Kyler Fisher (Southeast Valley)

2nd Place Jon Lace II (Emmetsburg)

3rd Place Blake Miller (G-T/R-A)

4th Place Brandon Mier (Alta Aurelia)

5th Place Carson Peterson (Manson-NW Webster)

6th Place Ales Pudenz (Southeast Valley)


1st Place Nick Gaes (Alta-Aurelia, State 2nd)

2nd Place Cade Steelman (G-T/R-A)

3rd Place Xavier Nichols (Southeast Valley)

4th Place Brian King (South Central Calhoun)

5th Place Dane Johnson (Pocahontas Area)

6th Place Jordan Anderson (Emmetsburg)


1st Place Clayton McFarland (Southeast Valley)

2nd Place Kipp Corbin (East Sac County)

3rd Place Kody Kutz (South Central Calhoun)

4th Place Evan Brennan (Emmetsburg)

5th Place Logan Studer (West Bend-Mallard)

6th Place Nole Bochmann (G-T/R-A)



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