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Farm Tools Everyone Wants

February 20, 2019
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

I receive a newsletter from Countyside Daily - Pioneering The Simple Life. Not that I will ever try to lead a pioneer life, but our ancestors built this great nation with blood, sweat, and tears. Good old fashioned man power. A person never knows when something so small, simple, and might seem insignificant becomes a matter of life and death.

Growing up on a farm and learning how to farm from your father isn't all that makes up farming. Looking at the self-sufficient life of homesteading can be rewarding and trying at the same time. I found this list of farm tools that are more of a specialty tool than an essential one. These tools, however. enhance those basic, essential tools every farmer needs.

1. Whirligig - this can mean something different to everyone. It is actually a re-bar tie wire twister. It's great when doing fence installation.

2. Farm jack - this is the do-it-all tool for the farm. It can perform jobs that include lifting, squeezing, pushing and pulling objects.

3. Chains - this almost sounds like a no brainer , but you would be surprised at the number of people living on a farm or acreage that do not have a chain for securing loads, pulling out stuck vehicles, lifting, stabilizing, or binding things together.

I would have never thought of the next one.

4. Baby Monitor - put one wireless monitor in with the animal that is ready to give birth or one that is sick. This sounds like a great idea.

5. Union Scoop - there are many different types and materials of scoops on the market today. It's an important, handy tool for taking care of loosing material such as SNOW!

6. Cordless Impact Driver - wrenches and rachets are essential tools for a farm. You don't want to be wrenching for hours. This is when the cordless impact driver works best. In a matter of seconds, you are ready for the next bit, socket, screw, bolt, etc.

7. Hammer Wrench - there's never a hammer and adjustable wrench around when you need them. You can find a hammer wrench in those value bins for $5 so you can always have it available when you need it.

8. Tactical Flashlight - the days of the "D" cell are gone. Tactical flashlights are the future. These highly useful, blinding bright flashlights are lightweight and help you see whats on the other side of the field without getting too close. Works great for finding those smelly little visitors without getting too close for comfort (if you know what I mean).

A few more tools popped into my head when reading and article about tools.

Block & Tackle or Come-Along: These items are similar in what they do. A Block & Tackle is a vertical system and a come-along is a horizontal system.

Fence Stretcher. The concept is the same as a come-along but is specifically made for using on fence. Along with a fence stretcher, DON'T forget a good pair of leather gloves.

Leather gloves are almost the number one item anyone would want on a farm or acreage. From experience, leather gloves can save your hands from getting shredded with barbed wire if a fence breaks. Fencing will break if it is stretched to tightly and I have the scars on the back of my hand to prove it.

Not everyone will think that these tools enhance the performance of the basic tools of necessity, but some will. I am sure that there are tools and items that some may find more important and of greater use and value.

There are so many more items for use today than when out ancestors arrived here, it's almost hard to choose the right tool for the job or that tool that you will never need.

Choose your tools wisely. Shop around before you buy.



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