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Time For Compromise

January 18, 2019
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

As the government shutdown drags on, we can blame Donald Trump for the shutdown, but the far greater sin is being committed by the Democratic Party.

Perhaps the Democrats need to read Trump's "Art of the Deal", but they seem to be ignoring those they profess to protect for what seems like purely political gain.

Whether the wall is the best form of border protection is an open question, but it is one that President Trump clearly believes in and is willing to negotiate for. By refusing to budge in their opposition, the Democrats are giving up a golden opportunity to move forward on real immigration reform.

Trump has indicated that he is willing to give the Dreamers a more secure residency in the U.S., and I think a path to citizenship for other aliens, who have shown themselves to be a positive presence in their communities, is something he would likely accept in negotiation. (I would also suggest that it would be helpful if we would find a way to invest in our neighbors to the south, to try to improve living conditions there so as to reduce the need of those populations to attempt the treacherous trek to the U.S.)

In short, it is time for a new chapter, the "Art of Compromise"! The wall would hurt virtually no one, but the shutdown is hurting many.

We need to quit the political posturing and do what is best for all residents of the U.S. and our neighbors -- End the shutdown and bring real relief to the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses.

(signed) Fred Wirtz

West Bend, IA



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