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New Shooting; Same Apathy

May 25, 2018
By Darren Fraser , Emmetsburg News

More students have died in school shootings this year than have military personnel on active duty. The Santa Fe High School shooting marked the 22nd school shooting in 2018.

But wait! The guns he had were legal.

(Still 10 dead)

But wait! He was obviously disturbed.

(Still 10 dead)

But wait! It's not a gun problem; it's a mental health problem.

(Still 10 dead)

But wait! Gun control won't work; it will just take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

(Still 10 dead)

But wait! The young woman who was interviewed and who said she now expects to be shot at her high school? Well, she's just hysterical. The NRA says we need to arm teachers; install metal detectors; perform full-cavity searches; X-ray backpacks; perform random lie-detector tests. (In short, do everything except beef up background checks.) Once these safeguards are in place, that distraught, hysterical teenager will be able to attend her high school without fear of taking a bullet to her brain.

(Still 10 dead)

But wait!

I have a Second Amendment right to bear arms in case the British army descends upon my home.

(Still 10 dead)

President Trump shares one constant with his predecessor; the bodies of students continue to pile up on his watch.

I don't blame Trump for this madness. I don't even blame the N.R.A. I blame me, I blame you, I blame anyone who has experienced a pang of conscience the first time he or she watched on television or read in a newspaper an account of a school massacre and did nothing more than wring her hands, sigh, pray and hug his children.

Prayer is not good enough. Outrage is not good enough. Emails, letters and phone calls to representatives are not good enough. The only thing good enough to stop this carnage is stopping this carnage.

Don't vacillate; the time for wavering is long past. Don't bitch about your rights; we all have the inalienable right not to be killed (and young people enjoy that right more than you or I). Don't excuse politicians when they prevaricate; get in their grills and say, "You back change or you back the hell out." Don't pontificate about mental illness; I have depression and I take medication for it and I am as sane as you. The next time you advocate stomping over the rights of individuals with mental illness, gird yourself for a fight because someone close to you will be on the receiving side of your purge.

We've fiddled long enough while Rome burns. Get angry, get motivated, get committed and do something. Or blood from next shooting will be on all our hands.



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