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City Council Discuss Dock Removal and Nuisance Home

October 17, 2017
by Anna Veltri , Emmetsburg News

The Emmetsburg City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 at City Hall.

During the Public Comment section of the meeting, Chamber Director Deb Hite made an announcement stating that The Chamber of Commerce would receive the warranty deed to the building previously owned by MidAmerican Energy on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Following Public Comment, Councilman Brian Campbell mentioned that the Chamber is interested in being a part of the beautification of downtown Emmetsburg.

"With the DOT coming in with the sidewalks, Dan McCain visited with me a little bit this morning about the Chamber's interest being involved in the beautification of that. So, we need to keep that in mind when it comes time for input, or maybe before it's time for input [] And they are, from what I can tell- from his comments- they are not in favor of removing any more of the trees until that happens," Brian Campbell explained.

The City of Emmetsburg applied for a grant that they were planning to use towards the Five Island Campground Project. Unfortunately, they did not receive the grant. The cabin will still be built, but the construction of the bathhouse/ storm shelter facility will have to be postponed. Another grant application for Community Attraction and Tourism was presented to John Bird as a potential to fund the bathing facility and potential future cabins. The application cycle begins in January.

"I'm curious if we're building a cabin, do they have restrooms and showers in the cabin?" asked Deb Hite.

Bird confirmed that these buildings will include restrooms.

"Can you [Frank Kliegl, Public Properties Director] project when you'll take out the City docks for public access to the lake?" asked City Councilman, Ryan Berkland.

"I would guess, it would be similar to last year. It's going to be late November," Kliegl replied. "Just looking at the forecast, I'm in no hurry."

"I got a lot of positive feedback about that last year, 'cause last year was the first time they'd been left in for an extended period. A lot of fisherman go out, coming from outside the area, so thank you," Berkland stated.

Unfinished Business included the review of the Doris Schubert nuisance. The council members were provided with images from the time of the original hearing and what the property looks like presently.

"So it still is not in compliance," Bird commented. "As you can see by the pictures, she obviously has started, but it's a long way from being, you know, in compliance with our nuisance ordinance."

"If you had two able-bodied people out there, it would take a long time," Campbell commented.

"You need some major equipment to clean that place up, and I don't see that happening," Councilman Bill Burdick said.

This council meeting was the end of the extension that the City Council had previously granted.

"I think the last time she was here that we made it, I thought, quite clear that this was the last extension, and I would move that we proceed to take action necessary to clean the property up," Councilman Mike Hermansen stated. The motion was seconded by Councilman Brian Malm.

"It's very unfortunate that she hasn't been able to get help with that property. I don't know her family situation," Hermansen stated. "I know she is employed and there's a lot of co-workers that, given some restrictions she has on herself, would have volunteered to help. I feel bad that the action is necessary, but there was certainly enough forewarning that this could happen. And I just don't think we can keep backing off on these properties, or they're never going to get cleaned up."

The Council voted unanimously to take action on the property.

In New Business, a public hearing will be held on Monday, Oct. 23 for the proposed disposal of Mural Park in Emmetsburg. The public is invited to attend the hearing to discuss the options for this park.

The next meeting of the Emmetsburg City Council will be held on Monday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. at City Hall in the City Council Chambers.



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