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Emmetsburg Man Arrested After Standoff

October 3, 2017
Emmetsburg News

Emmetsburg Police arrested an Emmetsburg man following a situation last Wednesday afternoon.

According to Emmetsburg Police Chief Eric Hanson, at 3:18 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Emmetsburg Police Department was dispatched to 1006 Call Street in Emmetsburg in regards to a welfare check on 29-year old Christopher Clayton Wise. The caller was concerned for her son's mental state and the potential of him hurting himself.

Earlier that afternoon, Emmetsburg Police Officers had gone to the 1006 Call Street address in an attempt to serve a valid Palo Alto County arrest warrant for Christopher Clayton Wise, but he fled from his home and was able to evade capture at that time.

When the call was received from the family member, Emmetsburg Police officers and personnel from the Palo Alto County Sheriff's Office responded to 1006 Call Street and secured the home. It was determined that Christopher Clayton Wise was inside the home and was taking measure to barricade himself inside the residence.

Due to the circumstances, the Multi Agency Response Team (MART) was mobilized to assist in the arrest of Christopher Clayton Wise. A secure perimeter was established by officers around the residence, with the residents of adjacent homes being evacuated by officers. When all MART members and other law enforcement personnel were in place, attempts were made to establish communications between the law enforcement officers and Christopher Clayton Wise.

Initial attempts at communication were successful, but officers were unsuccessful in convincing Christopher Clayton Wise to surrender himself to the officers, and eventually, those communications ceased. However, it was determined by officers that Christopher Clayton Wise was alone inside the residence, and that he did not have any firearms in his possession.

At 6:30 p.m. the MART team was given the authority to make forcible entry into the home. Once MART?team personnel were inside the home, Christopher Clayton Wise surrendered himself to authorities, ending the standoff.

Christopher Clayton Wise was subsequently transported to the Palo Alto County Jail where he was booked into jail on the valid Palo Alto County arrest warrant for Theft in the Fifth Degree, a Simple Misdemeanor. Additionally, Christopher Clayton Wise was charged with a criminal charge of Interference With Official Acts, a Simple Misdemeanor.

Christopher Clayton Wise is currently being held in the Palo Alto County Jail pending a court appearance on the charges against him.

Assisting the Emmetsburg Police Department were deputies of the Palo Alto County Sheriff's Office, West Bend Police Department, Emmet County Conservation Board and Palo Alto County Ambulance Service.



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