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Emmetsburg School Board Reorganizes, Hoyman Elected President

September 28, 2017
by Dan Voigt , Emmetsburg News

The Emmetsburg Community School Board reorganized with three new members during the September 20th meeting and elected a new leader for the coming year. Appointments to various committees were also set up during the session.

Outgoing board members Tammy Naig and Rick Bird were thanked by Superintendent Amanda Schmidt for their years of service to the district.

With the adjournment of the old board, Board Secretary Lisa Chapman issued the oath of office to newly elected members Kathy Roethler, Jane Hoyman and Aaron Dietrich and then called the new board to order and asked for nominations for President. Board member Scott Kibbie nominated Jane Hoyman, while Board member Kathy Roethler nominated Kibbie, who declined the nomination. Board member Dan Chism nominated board member Pete Hamilton, who participated in the meeting by telephone.

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ADMINISTERING?THE?OATH - Emmetsburg School Board Secretary Lisa Chapman, left, administers the oath of office to newly-elected board members Aaron Dietrich, Kathy Roethler and Jane Hoyman, from left to right, during the September Board meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Jane Hoyman was subsequently elected Board President, with Dan Chism being elected as the Vice-President for the coming year. -- Dan Voigt photo

When the votes were cast, Jane Hoyman was elected on a vote of 5-1 over Hamilton, with Board member Ed Meyer absent and not voting.

Hoyman then assumed leadership of the meeting and called for nominations for Vice President, with Dan Chism being nominated by Kibbie and no other nominations were made, making Chism the Vice President for the coming year.

Moving into new business, the board accepted the resignation of Vicki Hill from the Food Service staff.

"Vicki has been with the food service staff for 28 years,"?noted Schmidt. "We thank her for her loyal service to our students."

The resignation was approved on a 6-0 vote of the board, with Meyer absent and not voting.

The board also approved the hirings of Travis Hayenga as an Elementary Paraprofessional and Kent Kerber as a part-time custodian. The hires were approved on 6-0 votes, again with Meyer absent and not voting.

As part of the reorganizational process, the board made appointments to various committees for the coming year, replacing outgoing members Naig and Bird with newcomers Hoyman, Roethler and Dietrich.

The board then was briefed by Schmidt on the need to request an increase in spending authority for the district's Special Education program.

"Last year, we ended up with a $128,244.71 deficit in our Special Education spending,"?Schmidt said. "Special Ed depends on the IEP?students that you get, kids that move in, kids that get sent to placement, kids that we place, kids that move out, so it frustrates Lisa and I to no end that we don't know what this budget looks like every year. Some years we may have a surplus, some years we may have a deficit. Mr. Carter, Mrs. Christiansen, Mr. Embrock, Lisa, we all work on this but its such an anomaly sometimes, we just don't know. So right now, what this does for us, we don't get the cash back, but we get the authority, will get the authority, the spending authority, like getting the credit card authority back."

"It is not abnormal for this to happen," noted Joe Carter, K-12 Director of Programs and Elementary Principal.

"Wasn't it a couple of years ago that we had a surplus?"?asked Scott Kibbie.

"Two or three years ago, yes,"?Chapman replied.

"Why does it vary so much?" Kibbie asked.

"You have students move in, that may be special education students that you never see, like those placed in residential care, like at Rabiner. We get billed by those facilities for their education. We are responsible for every student's education," Schmidt explained. "If they're court-placed, we don't have to pay for their room and board, but we have to pay for their education."

"That's if their parents live in our district," Carter added.

"Every year, that changes," Schmidt said.

With little further discussion, the board approved the request to modify the Special Ed spending Authority on a 6-0 vote, with Meyer absent and not voting.

The board also approved a new three-year lease with Dell Financial Services for the lease of laptop computers for the district's one-to-one computer program, which provides laptop computers for high school students.

The lease, which expired this summer, was renewed at a slightly lower fee of $59,640.10 per year for the next three years.



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