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Emmetsburg City Council Considers Campground Phase One Completion

September 6, 2017
by Anna Veltri , Emmetsburg News

The Emmetsburg City Council met for the regularly scheduled meeting on August 28, 2017.

At the previous meeting, the council had been asked to consider reinstating the Palo Alto County Economic Development Cooperation (PACEDC) per capita funding. At that meeting, the council decided it would be in their best interest for the Finance, Ordinance & Personnel Committee to meet and discuss whether or not they had the funding for PACEDC. The cost to reinstate funding was proposed as $23,400.

The Finance Committee met before the meeting on Aug. 28.

"We discussed reasons; we discussed options- several things we can do," chairman Brian Campbell stated. "We're proposing to the Council to make quarterly payments on September 30, December 30, March 31, and June 30 with a quarterly review at that time of the previous quarter to determine if we're going to continue or not."

The Finance committee decided that the funding would come from the Wild Rose Direct Fund. The motion for quarterly payments passed unanimously.

In new business, a public hearing for proposed changes to building permit ordinances was held. These changes include an increase of $.08 per square foot of a new building. This raise helps to fund the increase of inspection activity.

"This isn't of the magnitude that's going to discourage anyone from building," stated Brian Campbell.

"I'm curious since I haven't seen the whole ordinance. Section four says 'amending eliminating roof covers.' Can you explain what that means?" Deb Hite questioned.

"Because now we have a prohibition for using corrugated steel for roofs," City Administrator John Bird replied. "We're taking out the prohibition of using them on roofs since so many people do it and it has not been enforced."

"So it just means that people cannot use steel roofs?" Hite clarified.

"Yes, we're removing the prohibition of steel roofs," said Bird. According to the ammended ordinance, people will once again be able to use corrugated steel on their houses.

The City Council voted to adopt the ordinance with no nay votes.

Following on the agenda, the Council considered approving a change order for the Campground Improvement Project. A change order explains a difference in the original proposal pricing. For this particular project, a change order of $14,667.00 was issued to the city.

"A large majority of this, I think it's 63/4 percent when I calculated it out [] is due to the increase quantity of silt fence both in installation and removal. It did increase by 1564 feet," Explained Bird. "Apparently they never planned on putting the silt fence along the shoreline in the park."

"Was it spec-ed in the engineers [proposal]?" asked Councilman Bill Burdick.

"No, no it was not spec-ed" replied Bird.

"We actually got called on the tile that we put under the road to the lake from the biocells. I got a call from a gentleman over at the DNR, who was over here for whatever reason inspecting the project." Bird explained "He made a comment to me on the phone about the fact that we didn't have enough silt fence up there. I thought during the conversation that we were far enough along that he was satisfied. But I'm wondering now if he maybe contacted Bolton and Menk [] it was almost immediately following that that the silt fence went up."

"I think there were a lot of people that were surprised by the extra footage that went through the area where there was already a grass barrier," Brian Campbell speculated.

"And I was too. Not to mention the fact that I think you'd need to get a lot of rain for the water to run across that park," Bird responded.

This change order was included in a pay request that was under consideration for the evening as well. Bird recommended that they not approve the Certificate of Substantial Completion until they clarified some of the issues that have occurred during the project including the sanitary sewer.

"In this pay request [] none of that is for the sanitary sewer work because it had been previously completed. I talked to Neil Guess about that and told him I was concerned about making the entire payment," John Bird said.

"I would move to table change order number two, pay request number five, and certificate of Substantial Completion of the campground until our next regularly scheduled meeting," suggested Brian Hermansen.

"And have Neil Guess here to answer some questions," Councilman Bill Burdick added.

"I will add to my motion to have Neil Guess present," clarified Hermansen.

The motion passed unanimously.



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