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Big Winds Bogus Subsidies - Part II

August 3, 2017
Emmetsburg News

If the subsidies run out in less than ten years or whatever is agreed upon , what happens to the wind turbine company ? They could take care of it themselves or they may make a very lucrative offer to the landowners , and give the landowner all the scrap metals and whatever he can salvage and then abandon the turbines to the landowner. In the Energy Venture Analysis, better known as EVA, In the Green River Wind Farm decommissioning , the expenses are estimated $7.5 million, foundation removal and land reclamation $11 million, road removal and road land reclamation $2.5 million, metal and nonmetal scrap income $10 million. This seems very expensive, but you can look it up in the above app. Could it be landowners may have to pay out one million dollars or more to clean up everything? Maybe more! Maybe, that is why California had 14,000 abandon wind turbines in 1997. That is now down to 500 wind turbines that are still setting not doing anything. These stats are from Andrew Waldens article WIND ENERGY GHOSTS

It is claimed the wind turbines kill millions of birds and bats per year. Those exact numbers are kept secret from the public. Quote from BIRD CALLS-AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVANCY. There are many apps on the computer that argues different numbers of killings.

In conclusion I would ask this question: Do you want these turbines in your face or backyard the rest of your life? And yes, I know the people that don't live in this area of the county don't have to deal with them and don't care about the health issues or the polluted vision of the countryside.

What about the commandment-"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" -- Mark 2:31- NIV

Or the statement-"The love of money is the root of kinds of evil"---1 Tim.6:10- NIV

Or "The greedy will not inherit the Kingdom of God" -- 1 Cor. 5:10- NIV


Tilford Egland

Cylinder, IA



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