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Conditional Use And Zoning Permits Approved

June 22, 2017
by Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

A couple of Conditional Use Permits and one Zoning Permit were presented to the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisor during their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 20.

Palo Alto County Zoning Administrator Joe Neary presented a Conditional Use Permit and Master Matrix for Kollasch Farms Inc. in Vernon Township, Section 2. The site meets the 'Good Neighbor' Policy and was approved by Planning and Zoning during their meeting on Monday, June 19. Unanimous approval was given.

Neary presented another Conditional Use Permit for a communications tower for approval and had Terry Callahan, representing CCSI Networking.

"This was a Governor's project that was signed last Christmas to replace the old, outdated radio system for the State Police," Callahan began. "There will be 80 sites throughout the state. The goal is to put these communication towers on state owned assets as much as possible. The property were are here for today sits in Palo Alto County but is owned by Kossuth County, Fairfield Township, Section 19."

"Is this a future thing that other counties can use this?" Supervisor Linus Solberg questioned.

'Yes, that's what it is intended for," Callahan replied. "Obviously, the State would like all the counties to be on this system."

"How tall will the tower be?" Solberg asked.

"It will be 325 feet," Callahan answered.

"When is this project going to happen?" Supervisor Craig Merrill asked.

"The goal is for the network to be live by the end of next year," Callahan said. "Obviously, we are here today because we want to get the initial approval from yourselves. We still have to meet with the FFA, but we have done all the preliminary work."

With some further discussion, unanimous approval was given.

Neary finally presented a Subdivision Plat from Judy Hefty in West Bend Township, Section 24. Hefty is asking for the approval to divide her land into three sections. With little discussion, unanimous approval was given.

Jean Hyslop, City of Rodman Mayor was on hand to discuss the farm-to-market road in Rodman and repairs to the approximately four-block section.

"City of Rodman has been resurfacing the roads," Hyslop said. "We began last year with help from a grant from Palo Alto Gaming last year. This year we would like to finish our project, which is about four or five blocks, not including the farm-to-market road. My understanding is that the farm-to-market road is the responsibility of the County and not the City. We are asking that the County pays to resurface their portion of the road or have the City of Rodman pay for it and the County reimburse the City."

According to Hyslop, three to four blocks is the County's responsibility. The biggest issue is at the corner of N60 and 2nd Street, which develops large, deep holes, which has been filled in with gravel with some black top occasionally put on top. Palo Alto County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth agreed to contact Hyslop to look at the very least the corner issue and come up with a solution.

"The population of Rodman is declining; but, we want to keep things looking decent," Hyslop added.

Davis-Oeth also presented three utility permits for approval:

1. Iowa Lakes Regional Water to bore under the road at Doon Street and Silver Lake Avenue in Ayrshire for new waterlines. Approval was unanimous.

2. MidAmerican Energy to put a half mile of overhead line on the west side of 410th Street, beginning at 350th Street south one half mile to the driveway of a new hog confinement. Approval was unanimous. And finally,

3. Iowa Lakes Electric Coop to put in underground and overhead lines to an existing shop and a new home in the future on 510th Ave in Ellington Township, Sections 25 and 26 east of Mallard. Unanimous approval was given

Palo Alto County Sheriff Lynn Schultes was on hand to request the approval for Reservist Nick Jackson to carry a firearm.

"Nick was certified earlier this year as a Reserve Officer for Palo Alto County," Schultes said. "He now needs training to carry a firearm and Deputy Matt Veon is a trainer for handguns."

According to the Iowa Code, Jackson must have the approval of the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors before the State gives approval also. Approval was unanimous.

In other business Dan Reffer, from B & W Control Specialist Inc. of Algona presented the Board with a quote for tree and brush control in drainage districts in Palo Alto County. Reffer explained that beginning this year, the County would be divided into thirds, with one third being sprayed each year. It is felt that this will give better coverage for the County. Any areas of concern that are not in the section being sprayed in a year would be taken care of also. The Board unanimously approved the quote.

In final business, the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors gave unanimous approval of a Cigarette Permit for Lakeland E-Z Stoppe, Inc. in Ruthven.



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