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Agreement Between County And Cities Still Needs Majority Signatures

June 8, 2017
by Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

A Solid Waste meeting was held with four cities being represented on Wednesday, May 31 in Emmetsburg to discuss signing the three year 28E Agreement and to hear from Education Coordinator Al Philips from Spencer on recycling ideas and what has been learned with regards to cardboard (OCC) and electronic waste (e-Waste) and what can be done at local levels.

"I have a signed agreement by Ayrshire and Graettinger in hand and was wondering if anyone else has had a chance to approve it," Joe Neary, Palo Alto County Sanitarian began. "I am going to be visiting with everyone within the next week just to see where they are at. If it is done then I will collect them all."

"Is this the end of the three years and the starting of another three years?" Myrna Heddinger, Emmetsburg Mayor questioned.

"It's the starting of another three years," Neary said.

Didn't we approve this or talk about this in March?" Linus Solberg

"We did. Ruthven hasn't signed it yet because we sent it to our attorney for review," David Kirk, Ruthven Mayor responded. "And he had some changes. That was sent to Joe and then sent to Peter and so Ruthven really doesn't want to proceed until we get these points cleared up."

"The Solid Waste Commission approved the three year agreement and then it was to go back to the councils," Neary said. The changes were in the cost."

"Then it was up to each individual council to decide if they wanted to sign it or not," Kirk stated. "And my council came back with, 'No we're not going to sign it until we have it looked over."

"So has anybody signed it?" Solberg asked.

"Ayrshire and Graettinger took action early in the year," Neary stated. "What I told David was that Peter had the changes but if we are going to make changes in the wording of the agreement for Ruthven, then everybody should get a chance to think about it."

"If we make the changes for Ruthven, we, should then in good faith, give the changes to Ayrshire and Graettinger also," Peter Hart, Palo Alto County Attorney said.

"My city has decided not to accept the 28E Agreement unless the changes are made," Kirk noted. "We need to find a middle ground but if our attorney feels that it is necessary to include, it's because he has dealt with it before."

"At the last council meeting, we (Mallard) are thinking about hiring a new company for garbage and recycling," Jim Gehrt., Mallard Mayor said. "The council wants to go in a different direction and use a roll off."

"The County has a contract with Shamrock which includes the majority of the communities in the county," Neary said. "We would need Peter to look into this matter if Mallard wants to go elsewhere with recycling."

The 28E Agreements between the County and Cities for Solid Waste Transfer Station Services are due for renewal by July 1.

In other business, Al Philips, Educational Coordinator for the Northern Plains Regional Landfill of Spencer was on hand to discuss recycling ideas that will help reduce OCC and eWaste that is currently being sent to the landfill and to update cities on changes that are being made over the next year.

"A lot of changes are coming especially this year," Philips began. "We are adding a new cell. A cell is built by digging down to the solid foundation and they put down a plastic liner with some holes poked into it so what is known as leachate can drain off as they are filling it."

"We are also extending our leachate pond which will give us more flexibility and more capacity," Philips continued. "What interests you the most is that we are trying to reduce the OCC that comes into the landfill, which the majority of it comes from construction contractors."

According to Philips, e-waste is defined as anything with a screen or circuit board. This e-waste contains lead, lithium, mercury, zinc and other toxins that seep into the land and represent 70 percent of the toxins that are found in the landfill. There will be an area at the landfill that a person can recycle e-waste at a small fee.

To conserve natural resources and to extend the life of the landfill, Northern Plains Regional Landfill is changing their policies regarding OCC and E-Waste. Any questions you can call the Northern Plains Regional Landfill at 712-859-3185.



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