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June 6, 2017
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

We are excited to welcome Anna Veltri to our staff as the new editor of The Reporter and The Democrat. I have been working with Anna for the past month and she is going to serve our community well. She is bright and happy and smiles easily, in addition to being a good writer.

Anna is anxious to get to know more about her new home community, so welcome her with open arms, dear readers.

And now, I am thinking about retirement.

The first thing I "retired" was my old green camera bag. Actually, I hadn't used it for a year or so because it was looking pretty awful - faded and dog-eared.

It was a Lands End bag, hunter green, leather corners and handles. The leather was in great shape, but the rest, not so much. That bag had carried my camera, notebooks and my purse to meetings, football games, press events and conferences, and trips to Texas, Michigan and Minnesota. This green bag has logged a lot of travel miles on the ground and in the air.

The other day I picked it up off the floor and decided it was time to "retire" the camera bag.

The bag was empty - or so I thought. Here's a inventory of what I found:

8 pens - 3 small notebooks - 1 packet of sticky notes and 2 business card holders. Inside each of the business card holders were business cards (of course), several years of Press Passes, $2 in one and $5 in the other. When I went to football games, I always bought popcorn at halftime.

Now, what am I going to do with the business cards??Along with those, I have a partial box of business cards. Maybe I could wallpaper the bathroom walls?

On with the inventory:

One SD card for my camera (a back-up in case I walked off without a card in the camera); one anti-static cloth (to wipe the camera lens); one USB?flash drive (with nothing on it); 2 AAA batteries (probably dead) for the tape recorder; and paper clips.

There was a partial packet of tissues and 6 cough drops (the paper was 'welded' onto them); one tiny Tootsie Roll; a packet of Valentine Sweet Tarts; and a zip lock baggie.

Add to that two tubes of lip gloss, a key chain, individually wrapped wet wipes, and my watch! So that's where it was!

Last, but not least - one golf tee and a coffee stirrer.

Most of these "treasures" went directly to the trash - except the watch (which needs a new battery)

If all of that was in my camera bag, imagine what's going to appear in the desk drawers. Years worth of "stuff" seems to accumulate overnight. And, lots of memories are associated with everything that surfaces.



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