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Reader Sends His “Ponderings”

March 14, 2017
Emmetsburg News

o the Editor:

If I understand it correctly, the Board of Supervisors was convinced by the wind turbine company to rezone the county so the wind turbine company could bring in wind turbines. This brings many questions to me as maybe it does to many other county residents, especially the rural folks. A change such as this that will affect the entire county, should that not have been forewarned for several months so the county residents could study up what it means, and then voted on by the county residents? Will it be like Buena Vista or now O'Brian County where the wind turbines seem to be everywhere? Will the electromagnetic waves affect the AM, the FM or the GPS signals that many of the farm machines use? Will we ever get to enjoy the plain, open view that the Lord gave us, or will it be "like in our faces" with these monstrous turbines forever? Does it not affect everyone especially aesthetically? Why do the absentee landowners, that do not live in the county, have a say on this issue when they are not the ones who have to work around or deal with these turbines? Why do the turbine companies not listen to the residents that are affected by these turbines in other areas and do something about the complaints to correct them? Why are the turbines not set at least one mile away from the residents that live in the country when the company knows that will solve many of the problems?? That distance is recommended many places. How will the long term inaudible noise, the audible noise, and the shadow flicker affect the neighbors that live within one mile? How many more generations, after us will have to look at these turbines? Is this the right thing to leave for the future generations? Will any young people who have a desire to farm want to stay here and work amongst those wind turbines? Who will pay for the damages? How soon will the damages be repaired or corrected? How about all the sand, gravel, broken cement chunks scattered around if the turbines are to be taken down? How much control of the landowners land will the company insist on controlling? Will it cause neighbor against neighbor? Will it cause friend against friend? Why and who wants these wind turbines? Is it because of the love of money? Is it because of greed? Do any of these landowners care about the neighbors? Why are some foreign counties now taking them down and banning them? Does anyone ever really trust these big companies? Do you think the big companies care about the small farmer? Why are the turbines not built out in the western parts of Nebraska or South Dakota or North Dakota where the resident farmers are far between? If the electricity is to go to Illinois areas why aren't they built out in that area? Isn't Chicago known to be the "windy city"? Shouldn't there be plenty of wind out there? And lastly for now I wonder how many additional lawsuits will be added into the courts? These are all questions I see coming up with not a lot of good answers if any that are acceptable. But that will be up to the landowners to answer and deal with.

(signed) Tillford Egland

Cylinder, IA



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