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“Don’t Take The Lipstick” - Part II

March 9, 2017
Emmetsburg News

(Editor's Note:?Due to its length, Mr. Knutson's letter is being printed in two issues to meet the guidelines of the newspaper. The first part of the letter was printed in The Reporter, March 7)

In the end, that "promise" piece of lipstick paper called a lease, is unenforceable. Trying to collect lease payments from a bankrupt wind corporation is just putting more lipstick on the pig. What farmer can afford a legal case against a defunct wind farm company that has stopped lease payments or refuses to repair failed turbines? What farmer wants to go to court to defend themselves against a neighbor who is taking legal action because a noisy, spinning turbine has disrupted their peace and quiet or caused wind turbine syndrome? What farmer can afford to tear down obsolete turbines when the company goes broke or government takes away the wind subsidy "punchbowl."

No amount of lipstick will ever take us back to our rural way of life before wind turbines. No amount of lipstick can cover up damaged tile lines or the permanent ugliness wind farms create. No amount of lipstick can cover up the uncomfortable truth that corporate wind farms could not exist without massive tax-payer subsidies.

Signing the lease is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Let's stick with what we knowproducing pork. Growing corn and soybeans. We don't need a "foreign" animal disrupting our way of lifeupsetting friendships among neighbors. Don't give in to wind corporation propaganda. Don't take the lipstick! Say "no" to the cover-up! Keep corporate wind farms out of Palo Alto and Emmet Counties!

(signed) Wayne R. Knutson, Jr.

San Antonio, TX



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